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European and Middle Eastern Languages at Oxford - Course Outline

First Year


Study both languages
European languages: one language
Middle Eastern language: Introduction to culture, Intensive language training


First University exams
Two papers (Middle Eastern language), Three written papers (European language), in Arabic only, an oral exam

Second Year

Year Abroad

Third and Fourth Year


  • Literature, poetry and prose
  • Four papers in each language
  • Advanced language classes


Final University exams
Eight or nine written papers are taken consisting of a bridging extended essay
Oral exam (both languages but not Hebrew on the Oriental side)

International Opportunities

Students shall, usually, spend the second academic year at an approved course of study in the Middle East. Students are strongly advised to spend the adjacent summer where the European language of their choice is spoken. Oxford has some arrangements with partner universities help students to spend most of their time abroad.

The course work is divided between language lectures, classes and tutorials (one/two per week). In the first year, the emphasis is laid upon intensive learning of a Middle Eastern language. Students will prepare essays for their weekly classes and tutorials throughout the course.

Application Procedure

Candidates are required to follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply page of the university website. The following information helps students to apply properly for the course.

Candidates are required submitting two pieces of written work by the prescribed date. It must be noted that the one written work ought to be in the related European language. For more information, students are suggested to visit to the submission of written work page of the university website.

Written Tests

Students need to take a thirty-minute test for each of the languages they intend to study. They are required to take this test during oxford interview period in December. These tests are designed and altered with the intention of assessing students' grammar. Candidates also need to take a Language Aptitude Test. They are advised to check which language tests are required page for their course. For detailed information about the tests and further guidance, students are advised to visit the university website.

Tutors are seeking for candidates with a good command of the grammar of any language they have studied before at college or school and with to continue study at the University of Oxford besides an interest in language, linguistics and literature. Candidates who are interested in this course may also like to consider for other language courses or oriental studies courses.

The course provides students with thorough understanding of the subject. They are given an insight into the subject. Students are given individual attention in order to hone their knowledge and skills.

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