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English Language and Literature at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in English Language and Literature. The course is designed with the intention of offering quality education. The aim of the course is to equip students with thorough understanding of language and literature.

The course provides students an excellent opportunity to study writing in English from its origin in Anglo-Saxon England to the literature of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The course in English Language and Literature also provides information about literature of the British Isles. It comprises works from various other parts of the world and provides students a considerable degree of choice over which topics and periods students would like to focus on.

The course at Oxford incorporates the enhancement of sophisticated reading skills and ability to place literary text in their wider historical and intellectual contexts. It also needs students to consider the critical processes by which they judge and analyze to learn about literary technique and form and to study the development of the English language.

Careers Opportunities

There are many opportunities after completing the course in English Language and Literature. Upon completing the course some of the students prefer to choose research whereas others use the analytical and communication skills in careers ranging from acting to advertising comprising teaching, publishing, public relations, librarianship, journalism, finance, management consultancy and the legal professions. Recent English graduates comprise a trainee solicitor, a projects coordinator in education for a London theatre and a teacher.

One of the graduates, Helen who completed the course in 1977, is now cheesemaker and an organic farmer for her company Vesterhaugen Gardsysteri. Helen has worked as a care assistant, a farmworker, a landscape gardener, a cheesemaker and a farmer. Presently, she sells hunting and fishing permits for a local group. She is a livestock contact person for an Old Norwegian cattle breed and run cheesemaking courses as well.

Jonathan graduated in 1985. Presently, he is working as CEO of Curly Lizard Films. He has been an international documentary producer and director for fifteen years producing single films and a series throughout Asia and Europe. Jonathan has an extensive work experience and TV agency journalism.

Lucy graduated in 2009 who is a freelance journalist for national newspapers. She says that at Oxford she has written news stories and features for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent and many others. Presently, she is working as a city reporter at The Evening Standard. She contributes a broad range of magazines and newspapers. She also has published two books, 'A Guide To Uni Life' and Pimp Your Vocab. Upon completing the course, students get into diverse fields. Students holding this degree may have broad career prospects.

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