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English and Modern Languages at Oxford

About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in English and Modern Languages. The course offers students a wide choice from a list of papers covering all literature written in the English language. The course covers literature written from its origin in Anglo-Saxon to works produced in English-speaking countries throughout the world in the present day.

The course equips students with practical exercises such as linguistics training and encourages students to think articulately about languages and introduce them to a wide and fascinating field of Western thought and literature.

English and Modern Languages at Oxford

The University of Oxford has largest Modern Language Faculties in the country. The faculties include experts in all areas of this subject. Students, therefore, have an opportunity to receive teaching from a broad range of expert tutors. The university has a well-equipped library. Oxford students have an easy access to the English Faculty Library, the Bodleian Library, the Taylor Institution Library and their own college libraries. These faculties have a well-equipped computer rooms. Each college has computing facilities.

The undergraduate course is exceptionally flexible. In the first year, students shall execute practical work in their chosen modern language and study a selection of important texts from its literature. In the English, students shall be introduced the technical and conceptual tools used in the study of literature and a broad range of various approaches and assumptions. Students may choose to study Modern or Victorian or Middle or Old English literature. In the second year, a broad range of options opens up for students.

Students are given language work that will be continued and they study literature from a broad range of periods. Students need to spend third year abroad with some of the students take a position as an 'assistant' in a foreign school. While returning, students may choose from options comprising special topic papers and special author papers in both English and their modern language.

Careers Opportunities

Upon completing the course in English and Modern Languages, students get into various career fields such as publishing, broadcasting, teaching, the theatre, journalism, management, administration, translation, advertising, law and librarianship. The knowledge of a modern language equips students with opportunities for internationally-focused careers or careers with international organizations or companies. Students are advised to visit the Language Work page of the university website for more information.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application process properly, which is mentioned in how to apply page of the university website. The following information will help students to apply for the course.

Candidates who are applying for English and Modern Languages need to take tests in both the subjects. They are advised to refer the pages of the university website for English and Modern Languages for more information. Successful candidates shall need to take an aptitude for their modern language. They are expected to read widely, talk about language and literature and enjoy writing. The short-listed candidates may be asked to discuss about the piece of verse or prose supplied in the interview or before the interview.

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