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Engineering Science at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Engineering Science. The course encompasses a wide spectrum of subject from microelectronics to offshore oil platforms and comprises the application of science, creative reasoning and mathematics (common sense and course experience) to real problems.

The Oxford Department of Engineering Science has a high quality evaluation rating for teaching and a reputation for research. The department believes that future engineering modernization shall benefit from wide foundations and specialized knowledge, teaching is based upon a combined course in Engineering Science that assimilates study of the subject across the traditional frontiers of engineering disciplines.

The Engineering Science course is of four years at Oxford leading to the degree of Master of Engineering. The first year of the course is common to Engineering Science and its joint course Engineering, Management and Economics. The very first two years of Engineering Science are associated with topics that all Engineering undergraduates must study.

Students have scope for specialization in the third and fourth years. They may specialize into one of the six branches of engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Information, Electrical, Biomechanical and Chemical. Students may have opportunities to study abroad in the fourth year. Engineering Science is part of the Physical, Mathematical and Life Sciences Divisions, which also includes Computer Science, Chemistry, Materials, Earth Sciences, Plant Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Zoology.

Careers Opportunities

The Practicality, analytical skills and numeracy developed by Engineering Science graduates are sought after in both commerce and industry. Some of the students continue into a career as professional engineer whereas others get into business areas such as management consultancy or finance. Some of the students after completion of this degree continue their further study. They may become vehicle dynamics engineers. Students holding a degree in Engineering Science may have a broad career prospects. They may get into various fields to carve their career.

Entrance Requirements

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38 - 40 consisting of core points
  • Or any other equivalent

Candidates are expected to have Mathematics and Physics to A-level, Higher Level, or Advanced Higher in the IB or any equivalent. Inclusion of Mathematics Mechanics modules is extremely recommended. Further Mathematics may be useful to students for completing Engineering Science course. However, it is not necessary for admission.

The Advanced Diploma in Engineering (level 3) shall be accepted for entry, offered candidates also achieve both an A-level in Physics and the new Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering. Students may produce these qualifications as the additional specialist learning component of the diploma. Offers shall be formulated itemizing performance in A-level Physics, the Extended Project and Principal Learning of the diploma on the basis of an equivalent with existing level 3 qualifications and the level 3 certificate in Mathematics for Engineering.

The undergraduate course in Engineering Science ensures that students get the thorough understanding of the subject. Students are given various practical exercises to hone their knowledge and skills. After successful completion of the course, students get into a variety of fields.

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