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Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Engineering, Economics and Management (EEM). The course is well-built and modified with the purpose of providing high standard education. EEM is a joint course, primarily, an engineering course with around-thirds in engineering.

Students may apply for direct admission to the course but they have to leave the decision to study EEM until after the first-year exams provided their college offers EEM and gives permission for the transfer. The course has a flexible structure, which allows students to select either a broad-based degree or one with more specialist work in management or economics. The course is widely recognized as being exceptionally demanding. There are many employers who value the course highly.

EEM at Oxford

The university has a well-recognized Department of Engineering and high standard assessment rating for teaching. Engineering is part of the Life Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Division, which consists of Computer Science, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Materials, Physics, Plant Sciences, Zoology and Statistics.

The University of Oxford has an international recognition by over two hundred scholars and teachers of the utmost caliber. Students are given an excellent opportunity to attend lectures by the expert visitors to Oxford every year. Students are given individual attention in order to improve their knowledge and hone skills.

EEM at Oxford is a flexible course that allows students to study diverse area of the subject. Students are given theories and practical exercises to enhance their knowledge. The top-ranking Engineering, Economics and Management degree programme evaluates various issues related to it. The economics section focuses upon how the economy and organizations function and how resources are coordinated and distributed in order to achieve the objects that are established.

Economics equips students with thorough understanding of economic activity with which all organizations function. The course section of management analyses the goals and characters of that functioning. Students are given hands-on experience with the view that they perform well on the job. The university organizes various seminars and workshops with the intention of honing students' knowledge and skills. The department of economics and university business school arranges various activities and encourage students to participate in.

Careers Opportunities

Students who have completed graduation in Engineering, Economics and Management may find employment in approximately all branches of commerce and industry. These students are highly prized by the financial institutions and management consultants as well as by the manufacturing industry. Some of the graduates have obtained positions in the various industries such as technical consultancy, motor vehicle industry and investment analysis and consist of an investment banker and a structural engineer.

One of the graduated students, 'Muz' now is working as an online media associate. After completing an internship at Google last summer he has been offered a job on the graduate programme. While at Oxford in the final year, Muz was made campus ambassador for Google and hosted careers events. Muz also set up the online marketing confront at the Sad Business School.

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