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Economics and Management at Oxford - Course Outline

First Year


Students need to take three courses mentioned below.

  • Introduction to management
  • Introductory economics
  • Financial management


Three written papers
First University examinations

Second and Third Years


Students need to take following compulsory core courses

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Quantitative economics

Optional courses of which minimum two ought to be in Management. Students need to choose from more than twenty options papers comprising:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Development economics
  • Organisational behaviour
  • International economics
  • Economics of industry


Final University examinations The core Economics papers along with six optional papers (consisting of at least two from Management) are evaluated by written examinations It is probable to replace one optional paper by a thesis in either Management or Economics

Entrance Requirements

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38-40 consisting of core points
  • Or any other equivalent

Students who wish to make an entry in 2011 are highly recommended to have Mathematics to A-level, Higher Level, Advanced Higher in the IB or any equivalent (it should be noted that for entry from 2012 onwards, Mathematics shall be required). All candidates should also take the Thinking Skills Assessment as a part of their application.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply page. The following information provides details for students who wish to apply for the course. Candidates do not need to submit any written work while they apply for this course.

Written Tests

Candidates should take the Thinking Skills Assessment, generally, as their own colleges or schools on the prescribed date. Candidates need to do separate registration for this test and potential applicants must refer to the TSA website for more information and a specimen paper.

Economics and Management tutors seek for candidates with independence and flexibility of mind, an interest in a motivation for pursuing the organization of businesses and the economy, the capability to analyze and solve problems critically and logically, a willingness and ability to express ideas thoughts effectively and clearly both orally and on paper and a capacity to critically evaluate and construct arguments.

During the admission process, tutors are trying to identify the candidate's potential as an Economics and Management student. Final decisions regarding offers of places shall use the wide range of evidence available comprising past and predicated exam results, the personal statement, the school report, the Thinking Skills Assessment following interviews. Entry is competitive that means not all candidates who meet the admissions criteria shall receive offers.

It must be noted that the department does not conduct the interview for everyone who applies; however, it is only for those who have a rational chance of getting in. The international candidates can be considered without interview. The aim of the interview is to assess the candidate's potential for future development. Interviewers are looking for evidence of enthusiasm and genuine interests and the inspiration to work hard at them. Candidates are expected to provide reasons for their expressed interest in the course.

Generally, students need to attend two tutorials and six lectures. These tutorials comprise discussing an essay with a tutor. Students need extensive reading around the subject for the tutorials.

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