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Economics and Management at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Economics and Management. The course incorporates a fine combination of theories and practical exercises. The degree course ensures that students achieve thorough understanding of the subject. They are given hands-on exercises with the intention of enhancing students' knowledge and skills.

Economics is the study of how firms, consumers and governments make decisions, which together decide how resources are distributed. The general workings of the economy and an appreciation of economics have become increasingly essential to make sense of government policy-making, the massive changes in economics systems and the conduct of businesses that are occurring across the world.

Management is associated with the coordination and effective use of materials and labour within organizations in the pursuit of the organization's set goals and objectives. It considers the interactions and interrelationship between different parts of an organization and within the organization and its environment. Generally, management students look at theories, frameworks and models with the view of understanding how managers consider and behave their role in the decision-making process.

The well recognized degree programme, Economics and Management evaluates crucial issues such as how the economy and organization function, unfolding how resources are distributed and coordinated to attain the objectives, which are established. Management and Economics are ideal intellectual partners and each specifically fitted to cross-fertilize and strengthen the other. Economics offers the wide understanding of economic activity wherein all organizations function; management in turn examines the goals and character of that functioning. The seminars and lectures are offered by the Department of Economics and university's business school.

Careers Opportunities:

Candidates who have completed graduation in Economics and Management are most sought-after in the university. Some of the employers of Economics and Management graduate comprise both prominent international organizations in 'traditional activities' and new start-up companies in various high-tech fields. Some of the graduates have secured positions in finance and banking, research and teaching, consultancy and also include an economist for a national bank and a senior associate consultant.

One of the students who graduated in Economics and Management in 2008 has been working as an associate consultant for OC&C Strategy Consultant. He believes that his degree is very helpful in the role given to him from simply highlighting common business language to an associate consultant. Subsequently, he became a fully integrated member of the team. The course helped him succeed by teaching how to cope with time pressures and how to research a broad variety of topics. Additionally, the tutorial system has given him confidence in team meetings. Upon completing the course, students get into diverse fields where they make their mark. The degree course in Economics and Management helps students to hone their skills and sharpen their knowledge. Students holding this degree are in great demand among employers.

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