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The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Classics. The Classics is the study of the culture, languages, thought and history of the civilizations of ancient Rome and Greece. Classics is one of the most interdisciplinary and varied of all subjects based upon a broad range of options. The course provides students an excellent opportunity to study linguistics, philosophy (both modern and ancient), literature (historical writing, epic, drama, etc.), Roman Mediterranean and the history of archaeology of the Greek.

Classics at Oxford

Oxford has one of the largest Departments of Classics in the world with excellent teaching, museum and library resources. The department offers students a wide range of extra-curricular activities comprising performances of Greek plays and different societies. The Oxford degree in Classics incorporates an extensive study of ancient languages. Many candidates applying to Oxford shall be taking A-level or equivalent in either Greek or Latin or both. The university welcomes applications for Course II that encourages candidates to learn Latin or Greek from the scratch.

Careers Opportunity

The width of subjects studied and skills mastered to a high level mean that candidates who have completed graduation are in great demand. Recently, a high proportion of qualifications, especially, in teaching and law, graduates have got into professions comprising the Civil Service, accountancy, media, finance and publishing. Upon successful completion of the course, students get into various fields. They have a wide career prospect in various industries.

Application Procedure

Candidates ought to follow the application procedure as given in how to apply page of the university website. Students who wish to apply for the course may go through the following guidelines.

Written Work

As a part of application, students need to submit two commentaries or essays by the prescribed date. Generally, these will be in areas associated to Classics. Students may get further information from the submission of written work page of the university website.

Written Tests

Applicants who are applying for Classics II ought to take the Classics Language Aptitude Test on the provided date. They may see the exam details on the page how to register for this test.

Other applicants for classics will be needed to take written test during the Oxford interview period in December. These tests are designed with the intention of assessing linguistic competence by translation from the ancient language into English. However, translation into the ancient languages is not expected. Generally, there is one hour is given for each written test. It must be noted that the use of dictionaries shall not be permitted. Tests for various courses are given as below.

  • IB: A-level standard test in Latin.
  • IA: A-level standard test in Greek and A-level standard test in Latin.
  • IC: A-level standard test in Greek.

Students are not expected to know obscure facts by the tutors. Students do not need to worry about their gaps in knowledge. However, tutors seek for students with enquiring mind and potential. Students may get complete information on the university website regarding admission to Classics course.

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