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Classics and Modern Languages

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Classics and Modern Languages. The degree course enables students to put together the study of one or both of Ancient Greek or Latin with a modern language. The course comprises a wide study of some major literary texts with training in linguistic skills.

The University of Oxford has one of the largest Classics departments in the world. The department offers students with unparalleled teaching, museum and library resources and a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities. These activities may involve performance of Greek plays and may societies. Oxford has the Modern Language Faculty, which is one of the largest in the UK.

The faculty has a major research library and a language centre. The language faculty is well equipped with computer assisted language learning and satellite facilities. Undergraduates have an excellent opportunity to enhance their oral proficiency in the advanced language by way of regular communication with native speakers.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of Classics and Modern Languages degree, students get into various careers such as teaching, media, acting, advertising, management and librarianship. The knowledge of modern languages opens up opportunities for global careers, careers with international companies and international organizations. Students are advised to refer the university website for more information. Recent, Classics and Modern Languages graduate comprise a trainee solicitor, an investment manager and a linguist.

Application Procedure

Candidates should follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply page of the university website. The information given below would help students to apply for the course. Candidates need to submit written work for both Classics and Modern Languages. Students may get further information on the submission of written work page.

Written Tests

Candidates who apply for the Classics and Modern Languages need to take a test for Classics and may be needed to take a test for Modern Languages. Candidates who are not studying either Greek or Latin to 'A' level or any equivalent ought to take the Classics Language Aptitude Test on the prescribed date by the university. Students may get further information on how to register for this test page of university website. Candidates who are studying either Greek or Latin or both to 'A' level or equivalent shall take a test in the related language during the interview period at Oxford in December.

For Modern Languages

The oxford interview period in December, there shall be a test in the language students wish to study. These tests are modified and designed with the view of assessing students' grammar than vocabulary. Students are not expected to know everything; therefore, they do not worry about gaps in their knowledge. Tutors are looking for students who have enquiring mind and potential.

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