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Classics and English

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Classics and English. The course is well designed to impart quality education. The Classics and English course incorporates a fine blending of theory and practical exercises.

Classics and English fascinates to those who have a specific interest in cultural and literary interactions. English can be taken with Greek or Latin or both. Candidates who have 'A' level or equivalent in either Greek or Latin or both, this is a three-year course (Course I). Candidates who have not got an opportunity to study either language at college or school, there is a preliminary year wherein they learn either Greek or Latin combined with study of classical literature. For such students, the course duration is four years (Course II).

The University of Oxford has a distinguished and long tradition of teaching and research in both English and Classics. Oxford has one of the largest Classics Faculties in the world and its English is the largest Faculty in the country. The university offers students all facilities comprising library. The Bodleian Library, the English Faculty Library, the Sackler Library and the college libraries.

The first year of the course is split equally between the English and classical elements. The core of the English and Classics course at Oxford is formed by the link papers that are studied during the second and third years of the course. These papers focus upon the interactions of English and Classics and offer an excellent opportunity in order to compare texts from two sides of the course and to study classical influence. Additional papers are also chosen from each of the 'parent' subjects.

Careers Opportunities

Some of the Classics and English graduates continue with further study in their subject or they may go for other occupational courses such as teaching. Upon completing the course, many students get into various fields such as the librarianship, advertising, management, media, etc. Recent Classics and English graduates comprise a teacher and a freelance writer.

The course provides students hands-on exercises, which help students to enhance their knowledge and skills. Students are given thorough understanding of the subject. They are encouraged to gain complete course knowledge.

Entrance Requirement

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38-40 comprising core points
  • Or any other equivalent

Students are expected to have English Language and Literature or English Literature to A-level, Higher Level in the IB, Advanced Higher or any equivalent. Candidates for Course I are expected to have Greek or Latin to A-level, Higher Level in the IB, Advanced Higher or any equivalent. Students who do not have experience of studying these classical languages must apply for Course II.

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