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Chemistry - Course Outline

First Year


Students need to take four courses as mentioned below.

  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Mathematics for chemistry


Four written papers; satisfactory practical record First University examinations (preliminary)

Second Year

There is core material comprising courses on:

  • Bio-organic chemistry
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Bio-inorganic chemistry
  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Molecular spectroscopy
  • Optional supplementary subject course


Three written papers Part IA examinations

Third Year


Additional core material, plus highly developed courses along with a wide choice from among different options in Optional supplementary subject course.


Seven written papers Continuous assessment of practical Part IB examinations

Fourth Year


  • Optional supplementary subject course
  • Full-time research under the close direction of a member of the academic staff


Part II examination Oral examination; Dissertation; determination of the class of honours degree

Students are advised to refer to the department's website for latest details on the Chemistry course's assessment and content.

Careers Opportunities

Chemistry offers an outstanding opportunity for the development of students' critical intellect and faculties. The course inculcate various necessary transferable skills that will serve students well whatever their consequent choice of career. Generally, about fifty-five percent of Chemistry graduates get into research or further study. Some of the students enter different occupations such as IT and education, banking and actuarial work, accountancy and manufacturing. The Royal Society of Chemistry offers further information about careers in chemistry. Students are advised to visit the university website for further information. Presently, Chemistry graduates consist of a market research analyst, a scientist and a management consultant.

Chemistry Entrance Requirement

  • A-levels: AAA
  • Advanced Highers: AA/AAB
  • IB: 38-40 including core points with 7 in Chemistry and 6 or 7 in Mathematics
  • Or any equivalent

Candidates need to have Chemistry to A-level, Higher Level or Advanced Higher in the IB or any equivalent. Moreover, Mathematics is also recommended at the same level. Some of the students are admitted every year without Mathematics at A-level or equivalent. Students are expected to have Mathematics AS-level grade A or any equivalent as minimum. Further Mathematics or another Science may be useful to students in pursuing the course; however, they are not required to take admission.

Application Procedure

Candidates ought to follow the application procedure as mentioned in how apply page of the university website. The information given below provides specific details for students who are applying for this course.

Students do not need to take a written test or submit their any written work when they apply for this course. Tutors seek for potential for advanced study and evidence of motivation. They look for assessing students' capacity to use and analyze information to develop their understanding and wish to discuss concepts. Students who are interested in the course may like to consider Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry (Cellular and Molecular) or Earth Sciences (Geology).

A General Weekly Timetable (Years 1-3)

In the first three years, the course work is divide between lectures, classes, tutorials and practical classes occupying about one and half days a week. The course incorporates theories and practical exercises. The course material is challenging, however, it leaves adequate time for extra-curricular activities.

The second part consists of full-time work along with a well established research group. There is an opportunity of a few students spending three months of the year at various universities in the USA or continental Europe.

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