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About the Course

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Chemistry. The course is well structured and designed with the view of providing high standard education in the field of science.

Chemistry is a broad ranging science associated with the structures, synthesis, properties and dynamics of all types of materials such as biological, organic and inorganic and their transformations. A chemist is a constant source of innovation. There is no project introduced without the help of a chemist. Therefore, chemists play an important role in the process of the product. Chemistry also underpins the methodology and conceptual framework of biochemistry and molecular medicine. These subjects are at the heart of a number of major industrial activities.

If students have a scientific approach and they are interested in chemistry subject, then it is enough reason in to study chemistry at University of Oxford. Students shall find it rewarding and challenging in many different ways and there are varied and exciting employment prospects afterwards.

Chemistry at Oxford

The Department of Chemistry at Oxford is the largest in the western countries. Every year, approximately 170 chemists graduate after a four-year course that comprises one year of research. Each year, about eighty graduates receive doctorates from the university. Oxford is one of the prominent chemistry research departments in the world with approximately eighty academic staff performing international-level research and a yearly research income of approximately 15 million.

Recently, Research Assessment Exercise conformed that Oxford chemistry has the topmost 'power rating' (depth and breadth of science) in the UK. Presently, the department is engaged in a number of creative areas of work comprising drug discovery, chemistry for measurement, catalysis, synthesis, energy, nanochemistry, synthesis biology, atmospheric chemistry and femtochemistry.

The Oxford Department of Chemistry has contributed over 80 million to the university on account of its spin-out activities. The school is clustered together in the science area of the university and is housed in four laboratories. The school is in close proximity with the large stocked Radcliffe Science Library. These consist of a state-of-art 65m research laboratory with various facilities. The duration of this undergraduate course is four years. In the forth year, the second part is contributed to research.

Chemistry is one of the important parts of the Physical, Mathematics and Life Sciences Division that also comprises Earth Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Materials, Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Zoology and Plant Sciences. Some of these subjects are taught combinations in joint honours. In the consequent stages of honour schools in Physical, Life Sciences and Mathematical, there are many opportunities to take options in many subject areas in Chemistry, for instance, students may take Philosophy of Science and History or a language as supplementary subjects, generally, in the second year.

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