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Careers in Law at Oxford

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course is Law. Students holding a degree in law have a very good career prospect. Upon completing the course, they may get into various fields. There is no assumption that Oxford law graduates should pursue a legal career. Approximately, 75 percent Oxford graduates go on to the legal profession whereas others continue with further academic study of law.

The Oxford Law graduates obtain a BA in Jurisprudence rather than an LLB. Every law course at Oxford counts as a qualifying law degree, therefore, Oxford Law graduates can directly go on to the Bar Professional Training Course (for barristers) or the Legal Practice Course (for solicitors). For further information about the course and legal profession, visit the websites suggested by the university.

Some of the Oxford Law graduates get into successful careers practicing law outside Wales and England. Generally, the Oxford Law courses focuses upon English law but the basic principles of English common law play an important role in other jurisdictions such as Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand. Graduates of the four-year course obtain essential international knowledge during their year abroad. Students who are considering going on to practice outside Wales and England and wish to know the status of an English law degree within jurisdiction, they are advised to contact the associated local regulatory body. For instance, if students are interested in practicing in the UK, they must contact the relevant state regulatory body. Students are advised to refer for further information.

Katherine, one of the Oxford graduates, is working a barrister at 13 Old Square Chambers. The degree in Law helped her in research, substantive law and analytical skills required at the Bar. The degree also enabled her to explain ideas and arguments orally and write effectively the targeted documents, which is essential for court work.

Some of the law graduates utilize their valued transferable skills in a broad variety of careers. Amy graduated from Oxford and presently working at Davis Langdon. Upon completing the course, she started working for a Christian charity in the field of racial justice. She utilized her research skills, particularly, in the area of legal rights. Presently, she works in construction cost management, costing and procuring construction projects. The degree in law gave her a general understanding of tort and contract law, which she uses on a daily basis.

There are many employers who seek for candidates with a degree in law. After completing the education, students not only go for practicing law but also get into different fields. The University of Oxford offers students all facilities. Students are encouraged to get the complete understanding of the subject.

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