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Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

Blackfriars Hall is affiliated to the University of Oxford. It is run by the Dominican Friars (Order of Preachers). Blackfriars Hall is associated with the Aquinas Institute and the Las Casas Institute for Faith and Public Life. The college welcomes applicants who wish to undertake studies in Theology or Philosophy or in the social sciences in fields related to the interest of the Hall's Las Casas Institute. The Friars and some of the Visiting Research Scholars have specific interest in the Thomist tradition and its application to present issues of life, faith and public policy.

Facilities for Students with Disabilities

The college has wheelchair access to the MCR/JCR, tutorial rooms, lecture room and ground floor of the library. Arrangements may be made for fetching of books from higher floors of the library.

Library Resources

Blackfriars has a well-equipped library of about 35,000 volumes in Philosophy and Theology and has various periodicals, which are not easily available elsewhere in Oxford.

Computing Resources

Blackfriars has a computer suite along with extra terminals in the Library. The computer resources include a wireless network, which covers the ground floor rooms comprising the teaching rooms and the library.

Art, Drama, Music and Sport

Blackfriars students sporadically join students of other colleges or members of the congregation for sporting and musical events. Blackfriars pays for students' membership of the university gym or an equivalent amount towards the use of related facilities.

Other Facilities

Graduate students are invited to the seminars, reading classes and colloquia, which is organized by the Aquinas Institute. Some special events and other colloquia are organized by Blackfriars or by the Las Casas Institute.

The Las Casas Institute is an interdisciplinary centre focused on governance, ethics, social justice and leadership. The institute welcomes applications of interest from potential graduate students who desire to be associated with philosophy, theology, politics, sociology, development studies, refugee studies, international relations, social policy, leadership, law, NGO and third sector studies.

Blackfriars students' research interests include faith communities, religion, organizations, institution, society and culture. Blackfriars welcomes candidates from those who have worked in and with faith communities and their social and educational welfare institutions. Blackfriars students are affiliated to the Institute. They have easy access to placements with national and international organizations. For further information, students are advised to visit the university website.

Accommodation and Meals

Dominican students may live in Blackfriars Priority. There are limited accommodations available for other students in college-owned houses, which are near to the college. Blackfriars arranges for students to have easy access to meals in nearby colleges. The MCR/JCR comprises a small kitchen area.

Funding and Prizes

Blackfriars offers almost four annual scholarships of 2,500 for theology and philosophy students. The college offers three scholarships in association with its Las Casas Institute up to 2,500 a year for students working in areas related to the interest of the Las Casas Institute. Students are also offered two more scholarships of 10,000 a year whose dissertation subject falls within the remit of the Law Casas Institute.

The graduate students have a book grant of up to 200 per year. There is a small fund to help attendance at conferences. For more information about fund and prizes, please visit the university website.


Graduate students are members of the joint SCR/MCR and the joint MCR/JCR. The former holds various social evenings each term so that tutors, fellows, visiting scholars, friars and graduate students may mix up informally. The latter organizes many social events and regular meals.

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