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Biomedical Sciences

About the Course

Biomedical Sciences lays emphasis upon how organs, cells and systems function in the human body. It is a dynamic and exciting are that is highly associated to the understanding and treatment of human diseases. However, biomedical sciences form modern day practice. However, the subject is not a substitute for Medicine.

Biomedical Sciences at Oxford

Oxford is one of the internationally recognized and highly respected centres for biomedical research. In this interdisciplinary course, students shall receive the benefit of tuition from expert working professionals within a variety of clinical and non-clinical departments.

The advanced course is the successor to the Psychology, Physiological Sciences and Physiology courses. The course equips students with an intellectually stimulating education in neuroscience, cellular systems biology and modern molecular. The course is designed with the intention of encouraging students to attain an integrated understanding of biomedical science, which allows them to furnish their further studies.

As the course progresses, the emphasis is laid upon relating knowledge to scientific research. The emphasis is conformed by the opportunity for all students to attain first-hand experience of laboratory research in the subsequent stages of the course. Students have to choose their own project and the probable areas for research.

Based upon the specialization initiated by the selection of second year units and confirmed by the choice of third year options, students shall be awarded a degree in Cell and System Biology or Neuroscience. The university reserves all the rights to restrict the number of students progressing to either specialism in the third year. Students who wish to know further details they may refer to the Biomedical Sciences website.

Careers Opportunities

Oxford uses a unique teaching style and structure. This undergraduate course in Biomedical Sciences provides an exceptional education that equips students with transferable skills and knowledge. This knowledge can form a solid foundation for a career in research in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical fields or as a psychologist. The degree facilitates students to pursue further studies with Doctoral or Masters training. Students have an excellent basis on which to consider a consequent course in Medicine.

Entrance Requirements

  • 'A'levels: AAA

    Excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking Candidates need to have two of their A-levels from Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics.

  • Advanced Highers: A (AH) and AAAAA (Highers)

    Candidates need to have an advanced higher in either Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Physics, and two Highers from Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics.

  • IB: 39 comprising core points, with 7, 6, 6 at Higher Level

    Candidates need to have two subjects from Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics at Higher Level.

  • Cambridge Pre-U: D3D3D3

    Candidates need to have two subjects from Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics. It must be noted that tutors prefer to see Physics or Mathematics as part of their subject combination at A2 or equivalent qualification. If not taken on to the higher level, candidates should hold at least pass (minimum grade C at GCSE or equivalent) in all of general school Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics (or GCSE Dual Award Combined Sciences).

Students who have other equivalent qualification are also acceptable. They may see the Biomedical Sciences website for further information. Candidates should take the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) as part of their application. They may see how to apply page of the university website for more information.

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