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Biological Sciences - Course Outline

First Year


Students need to take following four courses.

  • Cells and genes
  • Ecology
  • Organisms
  • Computing and data handling (not examined)


  • First University examinations
  • Three written papers Satisfactory practical record

Second Year


Students are offered eight courses. They are motivated to attend lectures in all themes, however, are not probable to specialize in tutorials on four or five.

Compulsory Papers:

  • Quantitative methods
  • Evolution and systematics


  • Ecology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Disease
  • Plants and people
  • Adaptations to the environment
  • Cell and developmental biology


Second University examinations

Three written papers:

  • Evolution and systematics
  • Quantitative methods paper
  • A general paper covering the six themes

Students must have a satisfactory practical record.

Third Year


This year has between twenty to twenty-four options that cover the full breadth of active research in the departments. Students are expected to take six to eight of these specialist options that are selected freely.


Final University examinations Four written papers:

  • A problem paper
  • A general paper
  • A long essay based paper on options
  • A short essay based paper on options

Students need to design a project and course assignments.

Practical and Fieldwork

Students are offered a practical laboratory work that is an essential part of teaching. Students who are in the first year have to go for field trip to Pembrokeshire to study ecology. Some of the courses have fieldwork as an essential part of their course, for instance, there is an optional plant biology field course for third year to southern Portugal students. Moreover, some of the students perform their research projects in the field either in the tropics or in the UK.

The course is well structured and designed with the purpose of providing high standard education. Students are offered extensive practical exercises, lectures, tutorials, etc. They are given thorough understanding of the subject. The course provides them ample insight into various aspects of the subject. Students are given practical work with the view of enhancing their knowledge and skills required to perform well on the job.

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