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Biological Sciences

The University of Oxford offers an undergraduate course in Biological Sciences. The course equips students with thorough understanding of the subject. It is rapidly developing subject area with various applications in fields as varied as molecular genetics and conservation biology.

The study of living things has undergone marvelous development in recent years and topics such as evolutionary biology, cell biology, ecology and neuroscience are advancing rapidly. These expansions have a considerable impact on society and in areas such as agriculture, environment and medicine. The growing development has been accompanied by a blurring of the distinction between disciplines.

Biological Sciences at Oxford

The University of Oxford has large departments of both Zoology and Plant Sciences with well equipped modern laboratories. Additionally, there are extensive botanical and zoological collections in the Plant Sciences and Zoology Departments. It also has Herbarium, Botanic Garden, University Museum of Natural History, University Parks and Arboretum, which support work on the plant and animal kingdoms. The department of Biological Sciences also has an easy access to nearby Wytham Woods and Food Animal Initiative site at the University Field Station, which is used for fieldwork. The course at Oxford permits a flexible mixture of molecular and whole-organism biology along with opportunity to specialize in specific areas.

Career Opportunities

A major proportion of Oxford biologists get on a scientific, professional or technical career after graduating. Some of the students after completing the course go for further study such as a research doctorate and a postgraduate course in an applied field. Others get into various careers like finance or industry where their scientific problem-solving skills are excellent. Some of the Biological Sciences graduates include a scientist and an occupational therapist within a multinational pharmaceutical firm.

Application Procedure

Candidates are informed that they should follow the application procedure as mentioned in how to apply on the university website. This page provides students complete information about application procedure. With the help of this page, students are able to apply properly to the course. Students do not require taking any written test or submitting any written work when they wish to apply for this course.

Students are expected to show their enthusiasm for biology and their potential to study it at the university. The department conducts interviews with the intention of enabling students to show their ability to think and comprehend whatever facts they have encountered till the time.

Interviews are not for assessing students' factual knowledge. If students show their interest in a specific aspect of biology, then they must be prepared to talk cleverly about it. The process is meticulous but sympathetic so that students can show their best. Students may be asked to interpret simple set of data or a written passage provided them during the interview.

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