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Archaeology and Anthropology - Course Outline

First Year


Students need to take the following four core courses

  • Introduction to anthropological theory
  • Introduction to world archaeology
  • The nature of archaeological enquiry
  • Perspectives on human evolution

In this course, students are offered an extensive series of practical classes and fieldwork. Theses assignments are given with the purpose of enhancing students' knowledge and skills. Students need to perform various activities throughout the course. Assignments are given below.


  • Four written papers
  • First University examinations

Second and Third Year


Students need to take following four courses

  • Cultural representations, practices and beliefs
  • Social interpretation and analysis
  • Urbanization and change in complex societies
  • Ecology, landscape, and human evolution

Students have options including three from a wide range of archaeological and anthropological courses. They also need to perform practical classes and create thesis. Students need to complete following assignments.


  • Seven written papers; thesis
  • Final University examinations

Application Procedure

It must be noted that candidates need to follow the application procedure strictly. The application procedure is shown on how to apply page of the university website. This page equips students with ample information about application procedure. It helps students to apply properly as accepted by the university.

Written Work

Students need to submit written work as a part of their application by the prescribed date. Students required submitting recent marked essays written as part of a college or school subject preferred in various subjects. Additionally, they need to provide statement of approximately three hundred words putting out their understanding of the relations between social, archaeology, biological anthropology and cultural anthropology. Students may see the further guidance on the submission of written work page of the university website.

Written Test

Students who apply for this course do not need to take a written test.

Career Opportunity

Students need to undertake at least a three-week of fieldwork on a project that they choose for themselves. Students may get advice from their college tutor and from members of the School of Archaeology and Anthropology. Students' fieldwork ought to be approved by the Standing Committee, which runs the degree can be anywhere in the world such as Georgia, South Africa and Andes. For many people, it is probable to take an archaeological form on either an excavation or as part of a field-survey team. However, social anthropological fieldwork or participation in primatological and museum-based work is also possible.

Consequently, archaeological fieldwork may be offered by the School of Archaeology in form of a compulsory training excavation. Students may receive financial support for this fieldwork from the university and from their college. In the first term of their second year, students need to write a report on the fieldwork that they have undertaken. As a final year dissertation, students may engage in fieldwork. Students have many opportunities for work-based learning in the university's museums.

Student work is divided among tutorials, lectures and practical classes. In the first year, students need to spend almost five hours a week in various lectures and course's option papers and core papers. Students have one or two tutorials a week.

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