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How to Apply for Modern Languages Course of Oxford

Candidates must follow the application procedure as mentioned in the how to apply page of the university website. The following information provides specific details for students applying for Modern Languages courses.

Written Work

Candidates should submit one piece of marked class-work written in each language, which students plan to study and in which they will have A2 or any academic equivalent standard before university. This will demonstrate to interviewers how students are increasing in their use of the target languages in work they have completed in the normal course of their A2 or equivalent study. If students are applying for a language in which they will not have achieved this standard before university, then they do not submit anything in that language.

Candidates should submit one piece only of marked writing in English (possibly on history or literature or some other subject they are studying at college or school). This piece will show how students construct an argument and express their thoughts and ideas in English. For example, if students are applying to study German or French, they will not need to submit three pieces of written work: one in German, one in French and one in English. If students are applying to study Spanish and Beginner's Russian, then they will need to submit two pieces of work: one in English and one in Spanish.

Written Tests

Candidates for Modern Language courses which

  • include Beginner's Russian or
  • include the study of Linguistics in the first year

Such students must take the Linguistic Aptitude Test on the prescribed date by the university.

Courses, which consist of the study of Linguistics in the first year:

  • Italian R300
  • Modern Greek Q710
  • Italian with Polish RR3T
  • Portuguese R500
  • Spanish with Polish R4R7
  • Modern Greek with Polish Q7R7
  • Russian R711
  • Portuguese with Polish R5R7
  • Spanish R400
  • Russian with Polish R791

Courses including Beginner's Russian:

  • Celtic and Beginner's Russian QR57
  • French and Beginner's Russian RR17
  • Czech (with Slovak) and Beginner's Russian R792
  • Spanish and Beginner's Russian RR47
  • Italian and Beginner's Russian RRH7
  • German and Beginner's Russian RR27
  • Portuguese and Beginner's Russian RR57
  • Modern Greek and Beginner's Russian QR7R

During the interview period at Oxford in December, there will be a test in any of the languages, which students are already studying to A-level or any equivalent. These tests are designed to test students' grammar rather than vocabulary. These tests are set in the following languages:

  • French
  • Czech
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Modern Greek
  • Spanish
  • Russian

What Tutors Look for?

Tutors look for candidates with a good command of the grammar of any language they have already studied at their school and wish to continue with studying at Oxford and have interest in language, literature and linguistics. Tutors want to find out students' academic potential and intellectual interests. Students may be asked about their reading, the work they have submitted and their interest in the culture of the relevant country. Students are likely to be asked questions about a short passage in English or the associated foreign languages. They will be given an opportunity to speak in the relevant foreign language, which students have studied to an advanced level. Interviewers encourage students to show their strengths and interest in the subject they are going to study.

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