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How to Apply for Oxford Medicine Course

Candidates are advised refer to how to apply page of the university website. Before applying for the course, candidates must ensure the closing date for applications. The following information will help students to apply for the Medicine course.

Written Test

Students do not need to submit any written work while applying for this course. However, candidates should take the Biomedical Admissions Test in their own college or school or recognized test centre on the prescribed date by the university. It is responsibility of a candidate to ensure that they are registered for this test. Candidates are advised to see the university website for further information.

Application Conditions

The University of Oxford conforms to the UK Department of Health's requirements concerning immunization status (rubella, BCG and hepatitis) and the General Medical Council's conditions on a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau disclosure and Fitness to Practice.

Candidates may be refused entry to or they may be removed from the University's Register of Medical Students on grounds, which may be either academic or non-academic (for instance conduct or health). Candidates must be aware that some practical studies comprising living animal tissue are a mandatory component of the course.

What Tutors Look for?

Candidates are short-listed for interview on the strength of BMAT test performance, earlier academic record and a consideration of other information on their application. It must be noted that no students shall be admitted without interview. Any international candidate for Medicine who is invited to attend shall be expected to come to Oxford for the interview scheduled by the university.

Candidates are selected for their scientific aptitude and for their capability for medicine. They are expected to show that they have thereasonable understanding of what a profession in medicine will involve and that they have the prospective to become caring and effective doctors. It must be noted that competition to study Medicine at the University of Oxford is predominantly strong and only about 425 applicants are short-listed for the interview each year. All colleges have a common set of selection criteria, which relate to suitability for Medicine and academic potential.

Candidates are free to make references to experience or skills acquired in any framework to demonstrate compatibility with the selection criteria for Medicine at Oxford. Sometimes, candidates pass on to voluntary work and other extra-curricular activity. However, various forms of evidence can help reveal to tutors that candidates have made an informed decision concerning their own suitability to study Medicine.

Progress to Clinical Training

In the third year, students should apply to and be accepted by a clinical school. Students who choose to apply to the Oxford Clinical School, approximately eighty-five percent have been successful in past years. Some of the students go to London or to the University of Cambridge. It must be noted that no students is guaranteed a place at Oxford; however, there are sufficient places in the system that qualified students shall find a place for the clinical training.

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