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Newnham College - University of Cambridge

Newnham College offers students a variety of courses. Newnham is one of the best colleges of the University of Cambridge. The college has approximately four hundred undergraduates and 150 postgraduate students.

The college was established in 1871 as a house wherein young women could be seated in while attending lectures in Cambridge. Newnham is only for women and most probably the only undergraduate college with an all-women fellowship. The college has beautiful educational environment. The college offers various facilities, supportive lectures, beautiful gardens and friendly environment.

Newnham is a dynamic and diverse community. Students at Newnham enjoy an intellectual challenge. The college is close to the river and the city. Some of the arts departments are across the road and the departments of science are a short walk away. The college offers excellent facilities comprising a library, state-of-the-art IT provision, well equipped student kitchens, a cafeteria with breakfast bar, an art room, a performing arts centre, a gym, a huge sports field, etc.

The college has well equipped library, which comprises an ample array of books, journals, periodical, magazines and other publications. It provides students with a three-year on-site accommodation. Therefore, students do not need to go away from their college for accommodation. The college has one of the largest student communities in the university.

Newnham organizes various events, seminars and workshops where students participate actively. Students are provided all facilities to make them concentrate on their study. The college provides friendly environment where students make friends across the university. The current students may contact the former students as they come back to offer career advice and work placement.

Applications are welcome from students with different educational and social background. The eligible applicants will get admission regardless of their faiths, race, caste, creed, etc. However, admissions will be strictly based upon academic merit. Applicants are advised to contact the Admission Office for more information. They may come to college directly to experience the environment and surroundings. For this purpose, they need to just arrange the date. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Architecture: Ms B Foo
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr C Hills
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr J Quinn
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr K Daniels
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr I Wilson
  • Computer Science: Mrs. K Taylor
  • Classics: Dr L Preston
  • Economics: Dr J Cavalcanti
  • English: Dr B Lynch
  • Engineering: Dr C Barlow
  • Geography: Dr E Watson
  • History of Art: Dr L Burn
  • Land Economy: Dr M Dixon
  • History: Dr J Rose
  • Law: Dr C Seville
  • Linguistics: Dr K Jaszczolt
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr C Barlow
  • Management Studies: Dr M Jones†
  • Medicine Professor: Dr J MacDougall (Clinical), J Morton (Pre-Clinical)
  • Mathematics: Dr A Sinkovics
  • Music: Ms D Mordey
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr J Mander
  • Philosophy: Dr S Connell
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend H Shilson - Thomas
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr C Hughes
  • Veterinary Medicine Professor: Dr B Skelly (Clinical), J Morton (Pre-Clinical)
  • Natural Sciences: Dr R Padman (Physical), Dr S Forwood (Biological)

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