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The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Music. The course incorporates stimulation and the progressive development of musical skills with excellent opportunities for making music. The course in music offered by Cambridge is well designed and tailored with the purpose of providing high standard education.

An Offer

There are many significant figures in British music have studied and taught at Cambridge composures such as Judith Weir, Thomas Adès and Alexander Goehr; performers like Robert Tear, Thomas Trotter and Joanna MacGregor; and conductors including Mark Elder, Sir Andrew Davis, Christopher Hogwood and John Eliot Gardiner.

The Cambridge Music course incorporates compositional and analysis techniques and studies in history. The aim of the course is to deepen students understanding of music in its cultural and historical context. Students are given special assignments to ensure that they obtain good skills in writing and analyzing music. During their three years, students will have various choices in the subjects they study.

Students are provided with opportunities where they can explore elements of music that may be unfamiliar to them. Students are given thorough understanding on film music, early music, and psychology of music, jazz and ethnomusicology. This spectrum of options allows students to develop their skills. Upon completing the course, students have countless opportunities to make a career.

Changing Course

Some of the students studying music may take both parts of the course. The undergraduate students who have completed one part of another course and are qualified many transfer to music at the beginning of part first 'B'.

Life after Music

There are many students who wish to enter the music profession in one guise or another as teachers, performers or administrators. Therefore, some of the students continue their studies, for instance, through a higher degree course or at a music conservatory. However, the course aims at providing a wide education for those students who have decided to take up other professions. Upon completing the course, some of the students get into management or financial careers. Students who have completed a graduation in music have a good reputation among most demanding of employers. Students who hold a degree in music have good career prospect.

Entrance Requirements

A successful applicant normally have minimum a grade 'A' in 'A' level music. Students are expected to have some experience of writing about music and familiarity with the western classical repertoire. Students must have basic keyboard skills, well developed musical ear and some proficiency in counterpoint and harmony. The course in music ensures that students learn all aspects of music. They are taught through theory and practical exercises. Students are given a thorough understanding of the subjects. The course helps students to get good job along with high remuneration.

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