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Murray Edwards College - University of Cambridge

Murray Edwards College was previously known as New Hall. The college is friendly, modern and informal with a lively, successful and diverse community of students. The college was established as New Hall to motivate more young women to study at the university.

Murray Edwards College offers various opportunities to students to enhance their knowledge and skills. The college is established with the view of imparting quality education. The college organizes various activities and events. Students are encouraged to participate in these events. Students involve themselves in various activities such as journalism, drama, sports and politics.

The college has a beautiful and spacious building and an attracting dome. The dome and gardens provide beautiful venues for student events famous across the university. The college offers good food service and a salad bar. Students get Saturday brunch and informal breakfasts. Students have spacious bedrooms and over forty percent of the bedrooms are en suite. Some of the bedrooms have been comfortably renovated.

Students are given various opportunities to become creative. They may use the dark room and art room to produce something creative and innovative. Students have a number of sports facilities such as tennis court, squash, gym and boathouse. Students are given theoretical as well as practical exercises to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge.

Murray Edwards College offers a world-class collection of contemporary art and environmental issues. The college has an outstanding study facility along with wi-fi in public areas. It has a well equipped library and a large IT suite. Students are offered an excellent committed fellowship, which helps students to obtain the high academic standards. Students' involvement in the varied teaching in the department is balanced by the specific opportunities offered to women through the college.

Murray Edwards students organize a highly popular overnight stay in the college. Students are given special training to enhance their skills to appear for the interview. The college offers students a wide range of internship, which is available to college members. Students are also given career guidance by expert professionals in their respective field. The college takes care of students' all round development. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr P Filipucci
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr B Yuan
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr M Ní Mhaonaigh
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr P J Barrie
  • Architecture: Ms M A Steane
  • Computer Science: Dr R D H Walker
  • Classics: Dr K Carvounis
  • Economics: Dr K Aniket
  • Engineering: Dr E Acton
  • History: Dr K Peters
  • English: Dr L Mellor
  • Mathematics: Ms V Neale
  • Education: Mr. J G Raffan
  • Geography: Dr P Christoffersen
  • History of Art: Dr D Oldfield
  • Law: Dr S Turenne
  • Land Economy: Dr M Roberts
  • Management Studies: Dr J Runde
  • Linguistics Professor: W Bennett
  • Medicine Professor: C L-H Huang
  • Music: Dr S Varcoe
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Professor W Bennett
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr E Pesaran
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr F M D Henson
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Ms J D McLarty
  • Natural Sciences: Dr W O Saxton (Physical), Dr N Mundy (Biological)

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