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Modern & Medieval Languages

The University of Cambridge offers a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages. The degree offers countless career options; it is mind-broadening, stimulating, sociable, enjoyable, flexible, diverse and employs state-of-the-art technology.

In this course, students learn two foreign languages. They end up being fluent in both the languages and will have an opportunity to gain thorough knowledge about the history, culture, literature, cinema, philosophy, politics, art, ideas and values of other countries. Students may learn about the nature of language, one of the fascinating disciplines known as linguistics. Students have an outstanding opportunity to spend a year abroad.

The course in modern and medieval languages opens many doors; students are not limited to any one realm of the work. The course offers students a freedom to travel and spend days in various countries. Students may choose the areas they want to lays emphasis upon. The course is well built and designed with the purpose of providing quality education.

The course helps students to enhance multiple skills. Students will aim at acquiring virtually the same grammatical accuracy, fluency as a native speaker and expressive range. Students will learn how to translate from and into the language. They are taught how to use different registers and varieties of languages. Students are equipped with extensive training where they hone the ability to rapidly pick up other new varieties of their languages, for instance, specialist business uses and to obtain new languages with no difficulties.

Why Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge offers a wide range of languages comprising an outstanding array of linguistic and cultural options, taught to a high level. Students are given the great opportunity to start up one language that is not previously studied. The department has good faculty members including excellent teachers. Students are equipped with rich teaching resources comprising audio, video equipment, the state-of-art language centre and well equipped with satellite television. Additionally, the department has computer assisted language learning. This facility is used for teaching programmes as well as private study. The department also has faculty library. This library is well equipped with ample collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines.

About the Course

The degree course in modern and medieval languages lasts for years. Each year of the course is different and students need to spend third year abroad. In the first year, students need to study two languages of which at least one language at post 'A' level standard. Students may start any language from scratch excluding French where 'A' level standard is required. Students may specialize in one language than the other and in the final year, they choose options in one language only. However, many students continue with both the languages throughout their degree.

The course is well designed and it provides students thorough understanding of the subject. Upon completing the course, students are comfortable while communicating with native speakers. They are taught almost all aspects of the language.

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