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MML - Course Requirements

It must be noticed that applicants to all colleges for the course in Modern and Medieval Languages ought to be studying at 'A' level or equivalent with minimum one of the two languages studied at Cambridge. At Hughes Hall two languages other than English are necessary. Apart from this, there are no required subjects.

However, it is helpful to be able to demonstrate linguistic aptitude. There are various combinations of 'A' level subjects provide a firm foundation for linguists. It is also useful to be able to exhibit critical engagement with the culture and literature of the societies where the languages to be studied are spoken. This may come out from curricular studies in literature, media, history and society of the country. It may also come from extra-curricular study.

Students are advised to check college websites for college requirements. They also see entrance requirements for qualification, entry and offers. In this course, students may be seemed:

  • studying art history in Rome
  • working together with a law firm in Buenos Aires
  • conducting an orchestra in St Petersburg
  • volunteering and helping the International Baby Food Action Network in Brazil

Cambridge students have spent their third year abroad in various ways. Students may alter their year to suit their interests and goal. The only basic requirement is that students should spend minimum eight months of it abroad and whatever students do those must bring them into everyday contact with the foreign language they are studying. Students' time abroad may be spent in one of the three ways.

Students may become an English-speaking assistant in a school abroad, attend a foreign university and look for paid or voluntary work experience abroad. If students wish, they may spend the year one or more countries. Students are expected to use some of their holidays to visit counties whose languages they are learning. Students may apply for a Vacation Study Grant to study language courses abroad.

The course is designed and tailored with the purpose of promoting various aspects of the subjects such as knowledge of languages, analytical ability, communication skills, an understanding of foreign cultures, research skills and flexibility of mind as these are in great demand in many fields. Employers who are not primarily interested in languages are now impressed by the skills and experience that the Cambridge graduates have earned from their year abroad.

There are some of the choices of profession among Cambridge graduates include the arts, journalism, banking, marketing, accountancy, law, diplomatic services and teaching. Some of these graduates continue to use their languages as one of the parts of their work. Some do not use; however, they have obtained various skills through the course that help them to get good jobs. Upon completing the course, students get into various fields. Some of the students become professional linguists whereas others go for teaching, especially, language.

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