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MML - Available Languages

The University of Cambridge offers a degree course in Modern and Medieval Languages. The course is well designed and tailored with the purpose of providing quality education. It is an undergraduate course, which incorporates various languages. Students who have taken admission to this course will study two languages out of:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Either Classical Greek (if students take it at 'A' level) or Classical Latin can be combined with any one of these in the MML course. Students may combine a European language with Persian, Hebrew or Arabic by doing so with the course in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

The course in split into consecutive parts first 'A' part first 'B' and part second along with an Honours exam at the end of each. Students may replace one of the part first 'B' exam papers with the portfolio of the best essays that they have completed over the year for that paper. During the year abroad students prepare translation project, a dissertation or a linguistics project that contributes to their part second evaluation. Students may offer a second dissertation instead of one of the part second written exam papers.

Languages to Study

Besides two main languages chosen, students may study from scratch more languages, if they wish as a part of their degree in modern and medieval languages. Students have options including Dutch, Catalan, Portuguese, Modern Greek, Ukranian, Medieval Occitan and Neo-Latin (the Latin used in Europe c. 1350-1700). Apart from this degree course, there is another course in language where students may obtain a further language qualification.

Students do this by way of taking a one-year course in the Language Centre at the University. There are various courses available in basic and intermediate German and Italian, basic Mandarin and Russian and Intermediate and Advanced Spanish and French. Certificate and Diploma courses may be available through the concerned faculty. For more information, students are advised to visit the faculty website.


The degree in modern and medieval languages is one of the most flexible courses in Cambridge with respect to different subject combinations possible. Additionally, in the final year, students may take up two options from other courses for example, History and English. Students may take one or two years of modern and medieval languages and follow with the part second in another course provided their college approves.

Occasionally, students may change to modern and medieval languages from other subjects. However, they need to have minimum an 'A' grade at 'A' level or equivalent in one modern language. The course provides students complete insights into the subject. They get to learn a lot more apart from the languages. Students are taught using various teaching methodology.

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