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Medicine at Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers an undergraduate course in Medicine. The programme is designed and tailored for those who do not yet have a first degree in biological science subject. The course incorporates both classroom-based study and practical clinical experience.

The first and second year focus on clinical experience, doctor and patient and the scientific basis of medicine. Each year encompasses various practical exercises. It must be noted that graduates are entitled to provisional registration with the GMC along with the license to practice, subject to demonstrating to the GMC that their fitness to practice is not impaired

Course Structure

First and Second Years

During the first two weeks, students shall undertake an introduction and orientation to the undergraduate medical course and to the School of Medicine. This course consists of study skills and information technology sessions apart from introductory sessions in the scientific basis of medicine and clinical practice.

Students will begin the introductory sessions, which is an integrated programme consisting of themes. It covers three major elements of the core courses: Doctor and Patient, Scientific Basis of Medicine and Clinical Experience.

  • Cells, Modules and Disease include genetics, molecular and cell biology, metabolism, blood and blood-forming, immunity, infection, cancer and cell pathology

  • Life Support Systems incorporate cardiovascular, skin, urinary and alimentary systems, abdomen, the anatomy of the thorax, perineum and pelvis

  • Life Cycle and Regulatory Systems encompasses neuroscience and mental health, human life cycle, the anatomy of the head, spine, neck and limbs, therapeutics and pharmacology

  • Foundations of Clinical Practice consist of sociology, communication skills, ethics, information technology and epidemiology in practice

  • Science and Patient consists of modules on water and electrolyte balance, drugs and the hospitalized patient, physiology of infection and exercise

Third Year

This year includes three ten-week clinical attachments that may be at any of the hospitals associated with the School. Students are offered various lectures and interactive online learning alongside the clinical attachments. Students are taught problem-based learning through clinical attachments.

Core learning is based on:

  • Surgical or Medical takes
  • GP teaching: basic clinical methods/skills in general practice
  • Patient clerking: to clerk (take the history and examine) minimum two patients every week and write case histories - students are evaluated on two of these written clerking during each attachment, separate from the case project
  • Consultant teaching: major cases related to the attachment, students will be expected to present patients during these sessions and this forms part of their evaluation problem-based learning
  • Lecture course: a continuation of topics teaching and systems
  • Other teaching: this shall depend upon the nature of the clinical programme of the attachment, but must comprise outpatient clinic teaching, anaesthetics sessions, theatre sessions and endoscopy sessions.
  • Reading and electronic resources
  • Students shall also undertake a three-week Background to Clinical Specialties course that acts as an introduction to various clinical specialties

Fourth Year

BSc Degree

Students will spend this year working towards the BSc by undertaking a range of modules and a scrutinized research project or specialist course in a field of specific medical/scientific interest leading to one of the degrees mentioned below.

BSc courses/title of award (BSc Honours)
Medical Sciences with one of:

  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiovascular Science
  • Global Health
  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Immunity and Infection
  • Haematology
  • Neurosciences and Mental Health
  • Management
  • Respiratory Science
  • Reproductive and Developmental Science
  • Surgery and Anaesthesia

The specialist courses currently on offer are:

  • Medical Humanities
  • History of Medicine

For further information about this medicine course, students are advised to visit the college website.

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