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Medicine Courses at University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Medicine. The aim of the course is to impart quality education. The course in medicine is well designed and modified with the purpose of providing thorough understanding of the subject.

Students who wish to get success in medicine needs application and hard work. This brings them job satisfaction and different career opportunities within the occupation. Learning and practicing medicine is very enjoyable that consists of human interactions and applied science. The environment wherein different types of medicine are practiced is varied and rich. There are many doctors who continue to learn throughout their working lives. The department offers special training to students. It takes care of students' all round development.

Courses Available

Students who do not have a degree may apply for the Medicine (A100) course. As a graduate, student who wishes to study Medicine may have two options: they may apply as an affiliated student, taking the pre-clinical component of the Medicine (A100) course in two years in place of the typical three. Applicant can apply to the Graduate Medicine (A101) Course.

Course Requirement

Students have to be very enthusiastic and meticulous observers with sound scientific understanding. Students who are admitted to study Medicine have to be assessed sufficiently mature to deal with the pressures and demands of early clinical training. The pre-medical requirements are the least standard required.

Some of the applicants take mathematics/science subjects. Students ought to also take the BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT). This is used to evaluate their scientific aptitude and lays emphasis upon scientific abilities related to the study of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge. Applicants for the Cambridge Course in Graduate Medicine can be required to sit the BioMedical Admission Test in the future and they must discuss this with an admissions tutor.

NHS Bursaries

A limited number of NHS Bursaries are made available for Medicine students. Applicants are advised to see the NHS Students Bursaries website for more information.

Career Opportunities

The Cambridge students have a wide range of career opportunities in the field of medicine. Students must be aware of the range of careers within the medical occupation. After completing the course, some of the students get into the National Health Service whereas others prefer to become general practitioners who provide comprehensive healthcare for the local community.

There is a wide range of hospital-based careers across surgical medical and other specialties. However, health care moving towards a more community-centred model of delivery. Subsequently, doctors are expected to deliver health care in a variety of settings. Upon completing the course, students get into various fields. Cambridge graduates are widely accepted as well-skilled and holding ample knowledge in their respective field.

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