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Mathematics (includes Mathematics with Physics)

The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in Mathematics. The course is well designed and tailored with the intention of providing quality education. The degree course ensures that students learn the subject thoroughly. The University of Cambridge is well-known for the excellence of the Mathematics course.

A Rewarding Course

The individual who are fascinated by mathematics and enjoy solving difficult problems, Cambridge is the right place for them. The Cambridge mathematics course is regarded as the most demanding undergraduate degree course available in Britain and likewise one of the most rewarding. The mathematics is one of the oldest courses with an intake of approximately 250 students each year.

The reputation of Cambridge as a leading international centre for mathematics dates back to the time of Sir Isaac Newton, most probably the greatest physicist and mathematician of all time. Since then, mathematics in Cambridge both teaching and research has been enhanced by a string of renowned mathematicians comprising five Nobel Prize winners and seven Fields Medallists. Even three centuries after Newton, the University of Cambridge is still at the fort position of mathematics knowledge. Some of the faculty members are prominent authorities on their subjects.

The faculty has close association with the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge. This is a research institute that attracts specialists from across the world to tackle exceptional problems in the mathematical sciences. The university offers students an excellent opportunity to study mathematics. Students are paid individual attention to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge.

The teaching programme reflects the enthusiasm of research at Cambridge. The Cambridge students are among the best in the country, therefore, they are provided a challenging course. The course aims at ensuring that students make use of benefits of this cutting-edge environment. Students who have received a degree in mathematics, especially, a Cambridge Mathematics degree is very marketable and versatile. The demand for Cambridge mathematician is high, not only in academic realm but also in commerce, business and industry.

Students who have completed a degree in mathematics from Cambridge are in great demand. They work in a variety of fields. Upon completing the course, some of the students go for a career in financial sector whereas others get into teaching field.


During the first year part first 'A', students have twelve lectures a week and generally two supervisions. In the subsequent year, the flexibility and greater choice means that the pattern of supervisions and lectures is more irregular. A degree in mathematics is a tough course; however, students will receive help from staff members. Students are equipped with IT facilities and libraries. Other facilities are also excellent. The faculty of mathematics houses the wonderful purpose built Centre for Mathematical Sciences. It is in close proximity with city centre. The department takes care of students' all round development.

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