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Manufacturing Engineering - Course Outline

MET First

The first year of manufacturing engineering course is Cambridge-based. It goes after normal Cambridge terms and has the standard undergraduate structure. The integrated course incorporates the entire range of economical, organizational and technical aspects of industrial engineering. The lecture courses provide the academic framework for the subject. These courses are balanced by project and design work. Students will take ten taught papers including:

  • Design
  • Materials into Products
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Managing Business and People
  • Contemporary Issues in Manufacturing
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Production Machines and Systems
  • Industrial Economics, Strategy and Governance

The project work consists of a major project combining design, marketing, business and manufacturing. Students need to work in a team where they prepare business plan, research for a novel product and lastly produce a full business and technical proposal. There is considerable professional and industrial input to the assessment and content of this project.

Latest projects have included demonstration and design models of a rocking chair to calm autistic children, low-cost water purifying unit for developing counties and a solar-powered refrigeration unit.

MET Second

The final year structure is different and has somewhat longer terms. The concentrated Cambridge based papers with good teaching are combined with periods working in industry on projects. In this year, the emphasis is given upon application to real-world situation. The department organizes workshops and seminars where leading industrialists are invited to deliver their speech.

Students are given an excellent opportunity to apply their knowledge. They spend three periods of two weeks where they work in pairs on real problems in prominent industrial companies in Britain such as Rolls Royce. The team of students makes formal presentation to the company at end of their first year and submits a full written report a few days later.

Students also undertake individual project lasting seven weeks aimed to solve an important industrial problem for example, evaluating the carbon footprint of Network Rail. These projects may be executed in the UK or abroad.

An International Emphasis

Students who are studying the undergraduate course in Manufacturing Engineering involve in various activities in the UK as well as abroad along with other European manufacturing students as a part of the European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) network. Additionally, the course incorporates an overseas study project. In this project, students are given an opportunity to travel abroad to examine an area of current relevance. Latest projects have looked at how manufacturing industry is evolving and emerging in India. The project also focuses upon the Californian approach to industrial sustainability. The degree course in manufacturing engineering ensures that students learn all aspects of the course.

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