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Management Studies

Many Cambridge graduates have management responsibilities during five years. A course in management studies teaches students how to become good managers. It also teaches them about good management. The course enables students to enhance managerial skills. The degree course in management studies is well built and modified with the purpose of imparting high standard education.


There is no degree in business that teaches someone how to become a successful manager. The managerial skills come with experience and then further education. The management studies enable students to study the subjects related to management and the environment wherein the manager operates. With the help of the course, students obtain thorough understanding of the basics of management and many elements of management practice.

The course in management studies enables students to acquire the skills to become a good manager. The course helps students to develop the ability to apply critical analysis to management issues and awareness of the responsibilities of managers in a social, economic and environmental context. The degree course helps students to carve a successful career. Upon completing a course in management studies, students get into different fields such as industry and commerce.

A Stimulating Environment

Students are provided a thought-provoking and colourful environment. Sometimes, they are taught in the architecturally dramatic Judge Business School building. The Judge Business School provides students the computing facilities. Students need to carry out coursework and prepare presentations and papers. However, students who come from different subject areas with contrasting strengths work together.

About the Course

The duration of management studies is one-year, which can be taken by those students who have completed two or three years of another course. Some of the subjects are an apt preparation for management studies. Many students have come from subjects as diverse as mathematics and modern and medieval languages. The course is well recognized and numbers are generally limited to approximately seventy. Subsequently, there is competition for places. Selections are done at the end of students' second and third year and are based mainly on performance in university exam.

Course Outline

The Judge Business School carries out the responsibility of management studies. Teaching involves supervisions, lectures and other learning methods like negotiations workshop.

Core Subjects

There are six major areas of a manager's work that are studied in the course. These six main areas are mentioned below.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Operations and Information Systems
  • Strategy and Marketing
  • Management Science
  • Human Resources and Organisations
  • Business and Management Economics

Students have to take a core paper in each of these six major areas and choose two out of the six areas for their optional papers. Coursework contributes a lot to students' studies and minimizes the pressure of the final exam. Students need to prepare for examinations in the core papers, which carries sixty percent of their marks. The options are constantly evaluated and account for twenty percent. A negotiations workshop is organized in the second term. The workshop is modified to cross disciplinary frontiers and accounts for five percent of their marks.


In this course, students are equipped with theoretical as well as practical exercises. Students are assigned a project that involves working together with an organization or external company. This exercise is the enjoyable and rewarding part of the course. It allows students apply their theoretical knowledge to the practical assignments. This is compulsory and major part of the course, which takes place in the third term. This project accounts for fifteen percent of their marks. The project may involve agreeing and developing its terms of reference, making a presentation and carrying out the work. Presently, following projects are included.

  • Examining the potential for non-traditional sports in a lakes complex
  • Look into the milestones, which a business has passed before its owner contemplates
  • Searching ways of supporting theatre for young people

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