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Magdalene College - University of Cambridge

Magdalene College is situated in a convenient and an attractive location. The college lies in peaceful grounds on the banks of River Cam. The college is about five minutes' walk from the city centre and is nicely placed for many of the university libraries and departments.

Magdalene College has a beautiful building and libraries providing students with everything with first year text books to medieval manuscripts, vibrant community, and high speed IT connections in students' room. The college provides perfect learning environment.

Magdalene College usually admits approximately 105 undergraduates each year and considers applications for all subjects. The applications are welcome from different social and educational backgrounds comprising international students and through the Special Access Scheme. Each applicant is evaluated on his/her merits as an individual and the college considers both track record and potential. Students are guided by the Director of Studies to achieve their targeted goals.

The college organizes various activities and events and encourages students to participate in enthusiastically. The college offers students a comfortable accommodation. Students are offered accommodation throughout their time at the college. Students have a good choice and a fine combination of housing is available from the formality of First Court through the Magdalene village. Students also have an option like Cripps Court with its superb auditorium, en suite rooms and handsome garden.

The college carries out an appropriate balance of recreation and hard work. It offers students various facilities such as drama, music, sports and many other activities. The college has an extensive variety of societies clubs both recreational and academic organized by the undergraduate students. Applicants are advised to visit the college website for more information.

Directors of Studies:

  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr A Bennison
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr R W Dance
  • Computer Science: Dr F H King
  • Classics: Dr J R Patterson
  • Architecture: Dr T Chenvidyakarn
  • Economics: Dr K Patel
  • Chemical Engineering: Professor H A Chase
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr S K F Stoddart
  • Education: Ms L Fisher
  • History: Dr C Granroth Skott
  • English: Dr M E J Hughes
  • Engineering: Dr R L Roebuck
  • Geography: Dr T Spencer
  • Land Economy: Dr K Patel
  • History of Art: Mr D Robinson
  • Linguistics: Dr T Biberauer
  • Law: Dr N G Jones
  • Management Studies: Dr A L Hadida
  • Mathematics: Dr S Martin
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr T A Coombs
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Ms S C Mentchen
  • Medicine: Dr S O Sage
  • Music: Dr M W Ennis
  • Philosophy: Dr L Incurvati
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Professor E Duffy
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr J P Nolan
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr G P Pearce
  • Natural Sciences: Dr J Rawson (Physical), Dr M B V Bell (Biological)

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