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Lucy Cavendish College - University of Cambridge

Lucy Cavendish College is affiliated to the University of Cambridge. The college inspires women from different background to obtain the things they never thought possible. The college equips students with broad opportunities and exceptional support. Some of the Lucy students have a degree and they would like to take another to change direction whereas others have many years experience to their credit.

Lucy Cavendish students are from Access to HE Diplomas 'A' level studies and open university courses. Students are ready to get challenged by the excellent academic and extra-curricular opportunities being offered by the college and the university. Lucy Cavendish is a college for women of twenty-one years of age.

The college organizes workshops and seminars with the intention of offering students thorough understanding of the subject. Students interact with fellows at college lectures on a wide range of topics. There are Thursday dinners at the college, which attract large number of guests comprising visiting parties from university societies and other colleges.

The college organizes a spectrum of events for students' all round development. Students participate in a wide range of sports boat at college and university level. Lucy fellows and students share the pleasure of singing in the College Choir. The college has a strong in-house provision of the teaching of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Lucy Cavendish provides students internal teaching in a broad range of other subjects as well.

Lucy Cavendish has a beautiful site close to the center of Cambridge with a modern purpose-built library, a comfortable accommodation, extensive computer facilities, music and meditation pavilion and a well-quipped gym. Some of the students' rooms are en suite. Many rooms are suitable for students with mobility difficulties and they have access to self-catering facilities.

If an applicant is a mature woman and who is thinking of applying to Cambridge, then they should contact the Admissions Office by telephone or email. The list of Director of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Classics: Dr J Patterson
  • Economics: Ms E Aldworth
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr K Yunus
  • Computer Science: Miss C H Northeast
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic: Dr M Ní Mhaonaigh
  • Education: Ms S Brindley
  • Architecture: Ms B Foo
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr J M Renfrew
  • History of Art: Dr A Gannon
  • Engineering: Dr B O'Neill
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Mrs N Auty
  • Geography: Dr T Spencer
  • English: Dr I Maddison
  • History: Dr A Sapir Abulafia
  • Land Economy: Dr N Morrison
  • Linguistics: Dr T Biberauer
  • Law: Dr A Scolnicov
  • Music: Mr J Thurlow
  • Management Studies: TBC
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr B O'Neill
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr K Mitchell
  • Mathematics: Dr O Rath Spivack
  • Medicine: (Graduate Course) Mrs S Gull
  • Medicine: Dr R Jones (Clinical), Dr S Ellington (Pre-Clinical)
  • Philosophy: Dr M Frasca-Spada
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Ms J D McLarty
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr M Madianou
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr J Brearley
  • Natural Sciences: Dr R Cameron (Physical), Dr S Ellington (Biological)

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