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Living Costs at University of Cambridge

Students' living costs incorporate things such as food, accommodation, spending money and transport. The living costs include things whatever they need to pay for keeping out tuition fees while students are at the university.

The actual amount students will pay may vary based upon the style and type of their room. However, it shall be generally cover cleaning, internet access, heating and self-catering facilities. Some of the rooms with en suite cost approximately£90-£115 per week. In many colleges, it can be possible to rent a room for the entire year with costs adjusted accordingly. If students work out their rent yearly or termly basis, the costs compare favourably with many other universities.

If students think that the cost of their room is going to influence their choice of university, then they may ask any college admission office for details of the college's present range of accommodation charges and the extent of financial support they may be entitled to at Cambridge. Some of the things about student accommodation at Cambridge are mentioned below.

  • Their college shall equip students with accommodation for three and often four years. Therefore, students will not have to pay large deposits or commercial rents.
  • Students only pay for their accommodation when they are in residence. It means, students do not need to pay rent during the vacations unless they stay in the university. Some of the students are in the university for thirty weeks of the year, meaning they pay thirty weeks rent instead of fifty-two.


Many colleges encourage communal dining and some of them levy a charge towards the costs of the college kitchens. Many kitchen facilities charges are like£12-£15 per week and individual meals may usually be bought for £2-£3. Some colleges also have regular formal halls, three course dinners, which are extremely good value at around £6-£10.

College Fees

EU and UK students, unlike Islands students and overseas-fee-status, who are eligible for public support, do not have to pay an extra college fee except they are studying for a second degree. Students may get more information about college fess on the Costs to consider for international students page.

Study Materials

The cost of study materials shall usually differ based upon their course, for instance, students may need to buy equipment such as lab coasts, calculators and meet Xeroxing costs. If students' course incorporates a depending on the topic they students choose, a dissertation, students may gain additional costs like for travel and students should bear this in mind proposing their dissertation title.

However, a number of well equipped libraries of the university and advanced IT provision will students to keep their costs down and the university has various good second-hand bookshops if they decide to buy their own copy of any necessary text books.

Students may find details of specific course costs on the associate faculty or department website. Students require further information are advised to contact the faculty or department concerned.

Personal Expenses

Students personal expenses such as clothing, food, travel, etc shall noticeably based upon their lifestyle, however, students may have a good social life without spending a fortune. Students have ample free sports facilities and loads of college-based and student-run events and other activities, which do not costs students very much. Since Cambridge is a small place, students do not need to spend much on transport. Many students cycle or walk everywhere and the 'Uni4' bus service offers special discounted fares to students.

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