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Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguistics incorporates various sub-fields. The major fields may include the study of language structure and the study of meaning. The study of meaning is known as semantics whereas the study of structure is known as pragmatics. The University of Cambridge offers an undergraduate course in linguistics. The course is well built and modified with the purpose of providing quality education.

Language and Linguistics

Linguistics is the systematic study of natural language. There are a number of variations among the world's languages. The degree course in linguistics not only explains the different characteristics of individual languages but also look for to ascertain the deeper properties that all languages share. These universal properties can provide us an insight into the structure of human mind.

About the Course

The course appeals students to study linguistics, which draws on knowledge and methods from an extraordinary broad range of subjects. For example, the study of meaning make use of works by philosophers, while the part of the degree course focuses upon the sound of speech that takes place in the phonetics laboratory. The faculty uses computers to analyze and display the speech signal employing methods from engineering and physics. Upon completing the course, with the help of medieval text, students are able to show the evidence of how the grammar of a language has changed. They may describe how the larynx creates sound energy for speech.

The Department

The University of Cambridge has globally acknowledged expertise across a broad range of language associated disciplines. Students who are studying linguistics will get a high standard education. The department provides students all facilities in order to enhance their knowledge and skills. The department of linguistics is moderately unusual, in the British context, in that it has enhanced within the faculty of modern and medieval languages that is associated with European languages. The degree course in linguistics and research will benefit students greatly. The department has good faculty staff including expert teachers. They facilitate students and provide them thorough understanding of the subject.

The major requirement for studying linguistics is lively curiosity about the nature of language. The course lays emphasis upon the elements of language that puts its verbs in a diverse position in the sentence. It also describes why languages change and have been puzzled that auto speech recognition software gets a completely clear word wrong or apprehend that an utterance such as 'it is very hot today' may mean more than mere a sentence (for example, please put on the fan).

Students who would like to know 'how' and 'why' with respect to language, then they are advised to take admission to linguistics. Linguistics is an interdisciplinary where students do not require specific 'A' level subjects. Students are welcome whose profile is arts-centered and science-oriented. Nevertheless, the formal study of language through English language 'A' level or through learning languages may serve as a well preparation.

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