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The Course is well designed and altered with the intention of providing quality education in the field of law. It equips students with the challenge of an intellectual discipline in a subject of entire human interest. Studying law at the University of Cambridge offers one of the most interesting, life changing and thought-provoking experiences students could probably have at university.

The law offered by Cambridge focuses upon interpretation and questions of analysis, ethical judgment, logical reasoning, social control and political liberty. The degree course in provides you the opportunity to see law in its social and historical context and to inspect its general techniques and principles.

Even though, the largest part of the course is associated with English law, students will have an excellent opportunity to study other legal systems comprising the law of the European Union, civil (Roman) law and international law. There are many students who spend one year in a European university to study. Students who are interested in sociological and theoretical aspects of law, they ought to study subjects as jurisprudence or elements of criminology.

Law at Cambridge

Studying law at Cambridge equips students with a number of benefits. There are many excellent reasons for studying law at the university. Law has been studied at Cambridge since the thirteenth century. There are approximately seven hundred undergraduates and two hundred and fifty graduate students and more than seventy five teaching staff whose knowledge expands across every possible aspect of English law and its history also international law, European union law, criminology, legal philosophy and civil law.

The University of Cambridge offers a well built course in law. The faculty is home for various research centers. There is a Centre for International Law. Cambridge is the major centre in Britain for the study of criminology. The faculty incorporates many specialists centers in European Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Public Law and Corporate Law.

The building of law faculty is innovative and exciting with its seminar rooms, lecture theatres and moot court. The building has Squire Law Library, which has more than 150, 000 volumes and seats for 500 readers. It also has excellent computing facilities with access to a wide spectrum of online resources. These facilities make the library one of the most comprehensive and largest university law libraries in the United Kingdom. Additionally, there are substantial legal collections in many college libraries.

Students have a choice of law-related pursuits. The faculty organizes various activities comprising informal gathering, formal meetings and moots (arguments and debate about hypothetical legal cases). The University Law Society is a dynamic forum that organizes lectures of guest speakers, social events and mooting competitions. Solicitors and Barristers evenings are organized so that students meet members of the legal profession informally.

There are many student-run societies such as the Cambridge University Asia Law and Business Association, Pro-Bono Society, the Society of Women Lawyers and the associations pertaining to the various Inns of Court.

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