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Kings College - University of Cambridge

Kings College has a rich history of scientific, intellectual, social and artistic innovation. The college is wonderful place to spend time at Cambridge. It is the rare place to meet and discuss with interesting people. The college has relaxed environment where students can get on with whatever they like.

Kings is one of the first formerly all-male colleges to admit women. The college was the pioneer in attracting students to Cambridge from ethnic minorities and from state schools. The college actively motivate applications from Europe and abroad. King's is a diverse, tolerant and vibrant community.

Kings has a high ratio of fellows to undergraduates. The relations between student and fellows are traditionally informal. The college has high academic standard and it takes intellectual life seriously. Kings support all its students in managing both their experience and studies of enjoying themselves at Cambridge. The college has an excellent library and good computer facilities. The library is well equipped with ample array of books, journals, periodicals, magazines, etc.

Kings located in the centre of Cambridge. It has beautiful buildings and grounds stretching down to the River Cam. There is a broad choice of accommodation. Students are provided by cafeteria service; however, they may carry their tray into the grand College hall. The college also has a welcoming bar and coffee shop. Kings offers students an extensive range of sports facilities such as music practice rooms, punts, a film club, a lively drama scene, a dark room, an art centre and many other societies and clubs. King's has an active students' union.

Kings College is famously known for its Chapel and music. Apart from its renowned male-voice choir, there is a fine combination of choir, an orchestra, King's Voices and various other groups. Some of the college members play many forms of contemporary music such as rock, jazz, samba, indie, etc.

At King's, students from diverse background fulfill their personal and intellectual potential. The college admits purely on academic promise and welcome applicants with different educational and social background and different types of school from across the world.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr J Laidlaw
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr L Allen
  • Architecture: Dr N Bullock
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr G Moggridge
  • Computer Science: Dr T Griffin
  • Classics Professor: S Goldhill
  • Economics: Mr. J Trevithick
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr J Quinn
  • English: Dr S Uhlig
  • Engineering: Dr C Middleton
  • Geography: Dr M Warrington
  • History of Art Professor: J Massing
  • History: Dr M Sonenscher
  • Medicine: Dr A Moffet
  • Law: Mr J Rowbottom
  • Management Studies: Dr M Jones†
  • Linguistics: Dr B Vaux
  • Mathematics: Professor A Davies
  • Natural Sciences: Dr S Lummis
  • Music: Dr N Marston
  • Philosophy: Dr M Sprevak
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr W Burgwinkle
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Dr S Gathercole†
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr D Good

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