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Jesus College - University of Cambridge

Jesus College comprises newest and some of the oldest college buildings in Cambridge. The college has many students from diverse social and educational background from across the world. Jesus College offers students with all facilities and make sure that they progress in their subject.

The college is established with the intention of providing quality education. It equips students with all facilities to make the learning easy and enjoyable. The college is remarkably spacious in a peaceful setting off the tourist route. It is a five minute walk from the city centre with an extraordinary broad range of facilities on site. The college admits approximately 145 undergraduates each year across all subjects that are studied in Cambridge.

Applicants are welcome from different types of school and college. All applicants are considered as individual on their own merits. All applicants will be treated equally and they get admission based upon their potential and eligibility criteria set up by the college. Jesus College is widely known for its strong support of the visual arts and it has an outstanding student art collection.

Jesus College was established in 1496 with the view of providing higher education. It aims at students' all round development. Students are given admission regardless of their cast, creed, religion, and race. They are treated equally. Jesus provides students all facilities. The college has well equipped college library and computer centre, which provides an excellent working environment. Library is open round the clock.

Jesus College has their own Director or Music and carries out a broad variety of musical activities. These activities may comprise gospel choir, swing band, etc. The college has boathouse within its close proximity. It also has sports grounds such as rugby, football, hockey pitches, cricket, tennis and squash courts.

Jesus is a flourishing community and enjoys an opportunity to share and support in the recreational and academic interests of all their students throughout the year. The first year undergraduates are accommodated in the college and in consequent years, they all will be either in external staircases or in the main college buildings. Therefore, students live in the college's strong sense of community.

Each room has modern facilities consisting of internet and telephone connections. The external staircases make it easy for groups of friends to live together in smaller and self-contained communities. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr A Bennison
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr M L S S°rensen
  • Architecture: Mr. N J Ray
  • Computer Science Professor: J M Bacon
  • Classics: Dr J Clackson
  • Education: Professor M Arnot
  • Economics: Dr T Aidt
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic: Dr M NÝ Mhaonaigh
  • Engineering: Dr G T Parks
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr D I Wilson
  • Geography: Dr A Tucker
  • English: Dr C Burlinson
  • Land Economy: Dr S Fennell
  • History of Art: Dr A Mahon
  • History: Dr M Edwards
  • Linguistics: Dr J Clackson
  • Law: Dr M Oldham
  • Management Studies: Dr J Zhang
  • Mathematics: Dr S T C Siklos
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Dr T Wilkinson
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr V Mottier
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Mrs A-M Kunzl - Snodgrass
  • Music: Dr B Walton
  • Medicine: Dr J W Ajioka
  • Philosophy: Dr C Chambers
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr J W Ajioka
  • Theology & Religious Studies: The Reverend Dr T Jenkins
  • Natural Sciences: Professor S Redfern (Physical), Dr D Hanke (Biological)

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