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Interviews at Cambridge

Interviews play an important part in selection process at Cambridge. Every year, the university conducts interview of approximately 90 percent of its applicants. Cambridge examines the gathered field and takes into account each applicant's individual circumstances before making a decision who to invite to interview.

The university tries its best to interview all applicants with a realistic chance of being offered a place on their selected course at Cambridge. If students have an excellent exam record and a favourable reference, then they are likely to be asked to attend an interview. Nevertheless, due to the competition for places, there are applicants who will not be interviewed each year.

Interviews in Action

A twenty-five minute film known as Interview in Action is designed with the purpose of giving undergraduate applicants a better idea of what to expect when they approach Cambridge to appear an interview by way of following two applicants through the interview process.

Form of Interviews

Many interviews are conducted in the first three weeks of December; therefore, students are advised not to make any unbreakable commitments for this period. The exact length and form of interviews differ from college to college and between subjects. Generally, students need to appear for two interviews of around twenty and thirty minutes each. Students' college will send them full details with explaining what will be involved. The college will provide students accommodation in case they are asked to stay overnight.

Preparing for the Interviews

Students shall possibly want to prepare for their interview; however, they do not over rehearse as it will be obvious to the interviewers. Nevertheless, it may be useful to practice talking about their work and discussing their opinions and interests with a stranger. Students may also find it useful to watch the short film called Interview in Action. Students may find the Cambridge Interviews: the facts booklet helpful to appear for the interview.

Students must be exploring beyond what they are presently studying at college/school and the university encourages them to read around the subject they have applied for. Students are expected to be aware of key developments in the area and be able to describe why they want to study at Cambridge and why they want to study the discipline. If students are applying for the course, which new to them, for example, law, they shall need to demonstrate that they have undertaken some research to find what the subject will entail.

During the Interviews

The interviewers know that students may be nervous and are not trying to catch out, but to challenge them to think for themselves and to see how they perform the work through problems and take on new ideas. There is no right and wrong answers to the questions and students may arrive at an answer that may be of greater interest than the answer itself.

The interviewers may ask students about their experiences or interests that they mentioned in their application. If students have expressed specific interest in a recent article, programme, an author, traveling or some work they have done then they may expect to be asked about it.

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