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Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers an undergraduate course in Information Systems Engineering. This programme enables students to understand computer system add networks. Students study computer systems from operating systems to application software, digital electronics and architecture along with information theory, communications, linear systems and signal processing.

The courses encompass design and implementation in various aspects of software and hardware related to computer systems and networks. At the end of the course, students shall know more about information processing and computer systems. In the first and second year, students have to follow core modules and subsequently begin to specialize in the third year.

Some core modules are shared with students studying the Electrical and Electronic Engineering programmes. BEng students shall conduct an individual project in their third year. Students studying the Year Abroad programme shall spend their fourth year overseas.

Course Structure

First Year

  • Introduction to Communications
  • Analysis of Circuits
  • Mathematics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Professional development
  • Software Engineering: Introduction to Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Weekly laboratory practical (computing and electronics)

Students will participate in a group project where they will create a digital hardware design, which performs specified image-processing tasks. This will encourage students to carry out high performance parallel processing by actually building their own processor designed to process their own algorithm. Students' project is evaluated by demonstration and report.

Second Year

  • Computer Architecture
  • Communications II
  • Digital Electronics II
  • Control Engineering
  • Language Processors
  • Discrete Mathematics and Computational Complexity
  • Signals and Linear Systems
  • Mathematics II
  • Weekly laboratory practical (computing and electronics)
  • Software Engineering: Object Oriented Software Engineering

Non-technical Modules

The Department of Humanities offers Language and Humanities courses. These courses include various workshops where students get an excellent opportunity to apply their understanding to a real IT systems challenge.

Third Year

BEng students need to take a minimum of seven and a maximum of eight modules, which consists of a non-technical module. Students need to undertake a project that is assessed by oral exam, written report and demonstration. The lecture courses are supported by coursework and laboratory. Students have to undertake a team design project, which aims at allowing students to apply their ISE skills to solve an open-ended challenge in intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.

Fourth Year - MEng

MEng Information Systems Engineering with a Year Abroad

The final year comprises a technical project, lecture courses and a socio-economic study. This project is undertaken at a renowned engineering institution in various designated countries.

MEng Information Systems Engineering (GH56)

The year encompasses advanced technical options and an individual project. Students have to take a minimum of seven and maximum of eight modules comprising a non-technical module. Students have to create a project, which is assessed by oral exam, written report and demonstration.

Technical Modules

The modules are of seven different categories enabling students to take a broad programme or specialize in one area. Following are the programme categories:

  • Communications System Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Control Engineering
  • Computational Management
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Electronic System Design
  • Software Engineering

Non-technical Modules

The Department of Humanities teaches Language and Humanities. The list of options is subject to change from year to year. Presently, the list consists of:

Languages -German, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin
Humanities - Global History of Twentieth Century Things, Music and Western Civilization, Philosophy, Communicating Science, Music Technology, Politics, Politics, History of Medicine, European History, Creative Writing, Philosophies of Science, Ethical Dilemmas and Controversies in the Science and Technology

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