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Homerton College

Homerton is well established college and has been a part of Cambridge for over thirty years. Homerton students are from diverse range of courses offered by the university. The college offers prospective students an opportunity to mould their future. Homerton College is one of best vibrant places for learning and living in the university.

The college is established with the purpose of providing quality education. It is situated on the south side of the city in close proximity with the railway station. The college is a fine blending old and new. It has a beautiful Victorian building at its heart, designed to modern specifications, accompanied by accommodation blocks comprising study bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and equipped with internet facilities.

The college offers students other facilities as well, such as a theatre, music and art rooms, sports grounds and equipment, film library, video facilities, etc. Students are equipped with all facilities with the view of making them to concentrate on their studies. They are provided individual attention. The college takes care of students' all round development.

Homerton College is open and friendly place. Students are motivated to participate completely in the life of the college by way of participating in decision-making through the Union of Students or developing the community with their large amount of interests, enthusiasm and skills. The college offers supportive surroundings where each student develops their full potential.

The college has a rich history of excellence in education. It has earned a reputation around Cambridge for being a very social college. Homerton is a home to a broad variety of students of different backgrounds. Students enjoy friendly atmosphere, a broad variety of societies and an active student union. Students take part in various activities such as art, drama, student politics, sports, etc.

Homerton assigns each student to a tutor or a Director of Studies (DoS). Students' DoS is accountable for organizing their academic programme and arranging supervisors to assist them with essays. Generally, a tutor for students is selected from different academic backgrounds; therefore, students feel that they have somebody to approach with their problems. Students are taught subjects by supervisors or prominent working professionals in their respective field. Learning is, therefore, an exciting experience at the college.

Directors of Studies:

  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr K Spence
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr R Dance
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr S Rough
  • Classics: Dr J Bryan
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr N Auty
  • Computer Science: Dr R Harle
  • Education: Mrs. A Thwaites
  • Economics: Dr A Moheeput
  • English: Dr D Clifford
  • Engineering: Dr T Hacking
  • History: Dr W Foster
  • Geography: Dr M Warrington
  • Linguistics: Dr B Vaux
  • History of Art: Dr M Guerci
  • Law: Dr R Williams
  • Land Economy: Dr U Pascual
  • Management Studies: Dr S Zyglidopoulos
  • Manufacturing Engineering: TBC
  • Music: Dr J E Hopkins
  • Mathematics: Dr S Wadsley
  • Philosophy: Dr R Jennings
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr O Tonneau
  • Natural Sciences: Dr P Barton (Physical), Mr S Tomkins (Biological)
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Dr T Graumann
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr P Watson

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