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The University of Cambridge has one of the leading and excellent history departments in the world. Cambridge offers a degree course in history. The course is well designed and tailored with the view of providing quality education. The degree course enhances students' skills and develops their interest.

The University of Cambridge offers students a wide range of options. The course in history focuses on the rich variety of modern historical writing along with social and cultural history shaping as economic and politics development. Students will have an excellent opportunity to inspect practically any aspect or period of history that interest them.

The course focuses on the its established objectives. It provides students complete understanding of the subject. A degree course in history incorporates theories and practical exercises. The course equips students with a wide range of historical background and thorough understanding. The course teaches students to assess critically the usefulness and significance of primary and secondary material.

It aims at encouraging students to undertake self-directed learning. The degree course in history helps students to define their questions and establish their own goals. The course lays emphasis upon the importance of organizing, assembling and presenting students' ideas coherently and clearly. Studying history at Cambridge provides students with comprehensive insight into human experience and facilitates them to make sense of a globalizing and complex world.

Course Requirements

Students do not need any particular subjects at 'A' level. However, those who have knowledge of foreign language will certainly help them. Students must be interested in studying history. They must enjoy making analytical judgments, be able to discriminate critically, enjoy reading, think laterally and must have curiosity about the past.

A professor from the University of Cambridge won an esteemed national prize for his book on Nazi Germany. One of the professors has written a biography of the early medieval emperor, Charlemagne. Recently, two professors published work on war and decolonization in Southeast Asia. Students have an excellent opportunity to learn under any of these professors.

The University of Cambridge has good faculty. The faculty includes expert readers, professors and lecturers. These teachers have achieved exceptional teaching ratings in surveys conducted by the UK national press. The faculty has Seeley Library. It is one of the largest student libraries. It dedicates to history in the world. Recently, the library is well equipped with full internet access. Students may use the University library that provides an asset to the undergraduates. The library has good collection of books, periodicals, magazines and journals. Students get the books easily in the library.

The undergraduates are encouraged to brush up on foreign languages and have easy access to the specialist languages teaching and university language centre. There are many colleges offering travel grants for students who aspire to study the history of another country or who do research for their dissertation.

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