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History of Art

The University of Cambridge offers a course in History of Art. The course aims at providing high standard education in the field of art. The history of art provides students thorough understanding of the subject. The degree course incorporates theory and practical exercises.

The faculty offers an array of works of art, spectacular architectural environment and well-stocked libraries. Individual who are truly motivated to study works of art and to understand them in their social and historical contexts, this course is the fine platform for them.

The Department

The Department of History of Art is situated in a row of historic buildings in Trumpington Street, near the Fitzwilliam Museum. A number of seminars, lectures and supervisions are organized in the department. Its facilities may include an extensive collection of books, especially, concerned to the teaching of the development, the comprehensive faculty library, etc. The department covers an extensive series of architecture and art ranging from the medieval to modern periods. The course is well recognized at international level and recently established a formal link with Columbia University in New York. The special emphasis is laid upon the study of works of art.

Students who study history of art subject receive an excellent level of attention and support throughout the degree course. Students are given special attention to enhance their skills and obtain the knowledge. Students are expected to undertake demanding workload and show corresponding levels of commitment and motivation.


The resources of Cambridge are excellent and students take full advantage of them. Most probably, the Fitzwilliam Museum is the best university museum in the world. Kettle's Yard and the colleges have an important array of medieval and modern art. The faculty uses them in their teaching. The faculty studies the architecture of King's College Chapel and stained glass, sculptures by Henry Moore, illuminated manuscripts in the colleges, etc.

The Fitzwilliam Museum was established in 1816 by Richard. Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion has become one of the best collections in the globe ranging from ancient Egyptian to modern times. The curatorial staff takes part in the teaching of the department by means of classes and lectures organized at the museum. The Fitzwilliam museum also incorporates a reference library that benefit to students. The Hamilton Kerr Institute at Whittlesford is situated outside Cambridge. This institute is the Fitzwilliam museum's picture conservation department. The department visits the Hamilton Kerr Institute regularly.

Students will benefit from 'A' level history of art; however, it is not required. The faculty looks for students some knowledge, general intellectual interests and interested in the history of art. Students who have reading ability in any foreign languages are helpful. Students who are willing to pursue a degree course in history of art should have visual sensitivity and motivation.

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