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History - Course Outline

Part First

Years First and Second

The part first consists of two years. It has six terms and comprises six papers. The first five papers are chosen out of twenty-three papers on offer and students need to study one each term for the first 5 terms.

Students need to take at least one paper on a period of British economic and social history and one paper on a period of British political history. For the remaining three papers, students can study any period of European history from the Greek to the present, the history of the USA, period of extra-European, the history of political thought. Students may specialize in medieval and ancient papers or approximately whole in the twentieth century.

Students need to submit a five-hundred word essay for the compulsory sixth paper, sources and themes. Students have a broad choice of topics, generally, examining a chief theme in comparative history such as music, gender, revolutions or democracy. The essay involves faculty classes and individual research.

Part Second

Students who have taken part first and then part second (a one-year). A two-year part second is for the students who have taken a one-year part first in another subject. This includes five papers from four strands.

  • A particular subject paper from a wide range of options, which include thematic types of history and chronological periods. Each student takes minimum one specified subject; however, those who are not doing dissertation have to take two.
  • Historical argument and practice and a general paper that cover broad issues of historical argument and practice arising out of work during the course.
  • A particular subject on a focused topic that comprise two papers, a three-hour written exam and a special subject long essay of six thousand words.
  • An optional dissertation of approximately seven to fifteen thousand words instead of a second specified subject.

Course Requirement

There is not a single combination of subjects, which is particularly good for students who wish to study history. It is highly pleasing, however, not necessary that students take history A level or equivalent. Successful students may take all subjects from the sciences and mathematics to social sciences and arts. These are teach skills that may be helpful to the undergraduate students. It can be helpful to have second essay-based subject with history.

Students who wish to study history must be interested and have desire to learn. An interest in the subject of history may lead students to carve a good career in this field. Upon completing this course, students may have a wide career options. Students who wish to take admission to this course are advised to check college websites for college requirements.

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