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History - Career Opportunities

Students who have obtained a graduation degree from the University of Cambridge get into various fields. They have a wide career prospect to unfold their potentials. Cambridge graduates attract potential employers due to their ability to work independently, present arguments persuasively and clearly, examine the significance of evidence and discriminate.

Upon completing a degree course in history, students get good opportunity to work with government as well as private firms associated with historical interests. The Cambridge graduates do not have difficulty in securing good jobs in a broad variety of occupations such as law, finance, business, public administration, broadcasting, journalism. After completing the course, some of the students get into teaching and research based careers.

A Cambridge Geography student has done his third-year dissertation on J F Kennedy and Civil Rights movement. Presently, he reports from Washington for BBC TV news. Another student has done her dissertation on Virginia Crawford, a Victorian feminist. Presently, she is working as a child psychologist in a North London NHS Trust Hospital.

Students who are interested to read more about History at Cambridge, they are advised to visit the university website where they find detailed information comprising mock interview and student profiles. They also find a virtual classroom where they may develop their skills as historians through a variety of exercises. This virtual classroom enables students to enhance their knowledge.


The faculty plans options, provides lectures and sets the examinations in order to cover course content. Students may expect eight to ten lectures a week. Sources and themes in part first and special subjects in part second are taught through faculty classes. The college organizes supervisions for the other papers in part first and part second. The supervisions equip students with an extensive opportunity to engage in strong debates with senior and experienced historians.

The discussion between students and senior historians is a crucial point of their academic week and the core of the history course. Students need to write an essay for a professional supervisor. Subsequently, a supervisor discusses with students either in a group or individually. This method of teaching makes sure that students get support, guidance and feedback. Most probably, all colleges are experienced in organizing specialist teaching across the historical topics.

Students are taught through college classes and faculty lectures on general historical issues. Students have opportunities to interact and discuss their issues with expert historians in the faculty and at college history society meetings. This interaction session helps students to explore their ideas and thoughts. These expert historians share their experience with students and guide them to become leading historians. Upon completing the course, students get into various fields. The Cambridge students have good career prospects.

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