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Geography - Course Outline

Part First 'A'

Year First

Students will study for the five papers mentioned below. Students will be evaluated in these papers at the end of the year through written exam. The exam time duration is a three-hour for each paper.

  • Historical Geography
  • Environmental Processes
  • People, Space and Geographies of Difference
  • Environmental Change through Time
  • Society, Environment and Development

Students also take the geographical methods and skills papers. These papers may cover survey and interview techniques, numerical methods, spatial data (remote and images sensing), documentary and archival data, desk and laboratory-based skills for knowing the physical environment.

Part First 'B'

Year Second

In the part first 'B', students need to choose four papers. Their options should include at least one Physical Environmental Geography paper and at least one Human Geography paper. Students may choose options from mentioned bellow.

  • Human Geography: cities, contemporary geographies of capitalism, understanding the economy, development, culture and society and geography and public policy.

  • Physical and Environmental Geography: processes in the climate system, glacial processes, environmental hazards, biogeography, landforms and sediment and rivers and coasts building on the foundations of the methods papers and skills taken in the first year. Students will learn more about geographical methods and ideas. This paper is evaluated through a fine combination of practical exercises and an open-book exam (covering philosophies of the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities)

Students who are in second year are expected to take part in one week residential field class. This class is organized during the Easter and summer vacations. The field classes help undergraduate final year students to do dissertation research. It inspires students in their choice of topics and teaching particular field research skills.

Students need to submit their work on the field class, which further forms a part of their second year evaluation and recent location for the trips including Morocco, Switzerland, Algarve, Ireland, Germany and Mallorca.

Part Second

Year Third

Students have to choose four papers out of fifteen. The precise papers on offer may differ from year to year. The following papers are available in 2009-10.

  • Biogeography
  • Glacial Environments
  • Cultural Geography
  • Volcanology
  • Quaternary Environments
  • Working in the New Economy
  • Environment, Policy and Society
  • The Social Engagement with Nature
  • The Human Geography of the Arctic Regions
  • European Historical Demography
  • The Historical Geography of the AIDS Pandemic
  • Landscape, Society and Imagination in Africa
  • Earth System Processes and Feedbacks
  • Morphodynamics of Large-Scale Coastal Systems
  • Political Geography: Geographies of Post-Colonialism

Students need to write a dissertation of approximately 10, 000 words on topics of their choice. Students need to work on their dissertation during the summer vacation between their second and third year. The topics for their dissertation should be defined by the second term of their second year and the proposal is evaluated as a part of second-year coursework. The Director of Studies discusses students' ideas and facilitates them to formulate a proposal.

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