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Genetics - Natural Science

Modern genetics spans a huge diversity of topics that can be divided into two broad categories evolution and function. The evolution refers how the genetic systems have come about and function describes how the genetic blueprint functions during the lifetime of an organism.

A dramatic attack of other disciplines by genetic approaches has followed the development of influential techniques such as DNA fingerprinting, NDA sequencing and PCR, polymerase chain reaction that may analyze as little as a single molecule of DNA. Genetics offers a conceptual framework that unites all of the disciplines of biology. This variety is shown in the wide range of research performed in the Department and in the topics taught in the part second Genetics.

The part second does not function an 'options' system. The department aims at providing students a wide understanding of the field as a whole from how genetic information is passed from generation to generation, how genes control and work the behaviour and development of organism, through to the ecological and evolutionary processes that escalate to genetic change in space and time.

Students are provided thorough understanding of the subject. They are provided practical project and library. With the help of these facilities, students unfold their potential in the area they like. Students are also provided formal lectures. The part second includes more informal sessions to assess important papers in the field and to focus upon the genetic knowledge, implications and social aspects. Students may obtain ample information from the Department of Genetics, Downing Street, Cambridge or the university website.

Geological Sciences

The University of Cambridge is one of the best places to study geological science. Cambridge has Geological department, which is one of the largest in the country. The department has active staff working on various areas of earth sciences, especially, on the oceans. The department offers students an extensive opportunity to take a wide range of combinations such as Tectonics and Geophysics, Climate Change, or to specialize in Mineral Sciences or Palaeontology.

Students shall be preceded to either three-year or four-year degree as it depends upon their academic performance. The three-year route is generally for those students who wish to pursue a career not incorporating research and it provides a solid education in the basic principles of the earth sciences. The four-year route studies key elements of the subject in depth. It is mainly for those students wishing to be professional geologists or to carve a career in research in either industry or academia.

Students required taking geologist's training where field work is essential part. In this training session, students develop their skills in analyzing and interpreting data. In this programme, students need to go for field trips in the UK as well as abroad. The field trip is organized with the intention of cultivating the friendly atmosphere between staff and students. To know more about this programme, students are advised to visit the university website.

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