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General Studies and Skills - Cambridge

Students are expected to be proficient in necessary key skills, however, will not need students to have completed any qualification in key skills. It must be noted that whilst there many be broader educational benefits in pursuing general studies. It is not incorporated in the academic evaluation of Cambridge applicants.

Critical Thinking - Cambridge

It should be noted that 'A' level Critical Thinking is not taken into account as an accepted third 'A' level subject for any courses at the university. It is considered as a worthwhile addition to their portfolio of qualification as a fourth AS or 'A' level subject. Nevertheless, it is improbable to be part of a conditional offer.

English Language Requirements

Applicants must have English language skills to undertake a challenging and intensive academic course that is taught and assessed in English. As a result, students may be asked to meet a particular English language requirement. Students may find further details on the university website.

Sixth Term Exam Papers in Mathematics

The Sixth Term Exam Papers in Mathematics (STEP) is a spectrum of three papers used to supplement 'A' levels in evaluating applicant's aptitude in Mathematics for university study. The STEP specifications are built upon material, which is common to the core of 'A' level Mathematics. Therefore, it does not require further knowledge. The questions are designed with the intention of assessing qualities such as originality, insight, grasp of wider issues and the capability to use standard techniques in unusual situations and ways.

One of the major advantages of STEP papers for colleges is that they may read students' examination script and therefore, evaluate specific weaknesses and strength that may not be conveyed in their overall mark. All colleges use STEP as a section of approximately all conditional offers, which they make in Mathematics comprising Mathematics with Physics and Computer Science with Mathematics. Some of the colleges may use STEP as an essential part of a conditional offer for other courses. Details are given as follows.

  • St John's may ask for STEP as section of conditional offers in Engineering
  • Magdalene may ask for SETP as section of conditional offers in Computer Science
  • Churchill may asks for STEP, in exceptional conditions, as part of conditional offers in Engineering if there are concerns about the candidates' mathematical skills, however, will not usually do so if the candidate is taking 'A' level further mathematics.
  • Peterhouse may periodically ask for STEP as section of conditional offers in Natural Sciences and Engineering based upon mathematical background.

Candidates taking Mathematics 'A' level are generally asked to take papers 1 and 2. Candidates taking Mathematics and Further Mathematics 'A' levels are generally asked to take papers 2 and 3. Students are not allowed to sit more than two papers in a year. The papers should be taken at a recognized center and the dates of the STEP exams are immediately after the 'A' level exam period. Students' application to take STEP must go through their college or school and they ought to speak their mathematics teacher about registering for STEP.

The Cambridge Assessment administers STEP according to its usual marking, procedures for setting and moderating. Entries for STEP should be made using secure online entry systems of Cambridge Assessment. Students are advised to see SETP website for more information.

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