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General Structural Engineering at Imperial College

Imperial College London offers a postgraduate course in General Structural Engineering. The course ensures that students get theoretical as well as practical exercises. This course includes two terms of taught materials, evaluated by examination and coursework followed by a five-month period comprising one or more design project or a research dissertation.

Students have to undertake twelve modules in this course. First six modules should be taken in the autumn term, which are examined in January. The remaining six in the spring term that is examined after Easter. These modules consist of both core and elective material. It enables students to develop primary study themes.

This postgraduate course provides training in the analysis, assessment and design of structures under general conditions. It covers a wide range of structural engineering issues with comprehensive coverage topics associated to concrete and steel structural engineering and also topics on numerical techniques and advanced analytical.

There are various modules including:

  • Structural steel technology
  • Cold-formed steel design
  • Concrete materials
  • Design of steel bridges
  • Design and construction
  • Finite element analysis
  • Design of steel buildings
  • Plated structures
  • Non-linear structural analysis
  • Reinforced concrete I
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Steel components
  • Reinforced concrete II
  • Structural assessment and Loading
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural stability
  • Structural dynamics
  • Temperature-dependent and time behaviour of concrete structures

Eligibility Criteria

Imperial College London welcomes applications from undergraduates who are completing their first degree and candidates with allied industrial and professional experience. Applications can be considered from candidates with degrees in other branches of engineering, earth sciences, natural sciences and other various disciplines. Candidates must have a recognized degree from any reputed UK university or any overseas equivalent. Information about funding may be obtained from the College's Scholarships Office.

Part-time Study

All MSc courses are offered on a part-time basis and the methods of study may comprise:

  • One and a half days per week over two years
  • Term release
  • One day per week over three years

The term release option typically consists of attendance in the autumn term of first year and the spring term of the second year. However, it may vary from one course to another depending on students' personal circumstances. Students have to create a dissertation under the close supervision of a college supervisor. Students are advised to contact the associated course director for details of the part-time arrangements for the course.

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