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Fitzwilliam College

Fitzwilliam is one of best colleges affiliated to the University of Cambridge. It was founded on its present location on Castle Hill in the mid 1960s. The college offers a supportive environment wherein its members may achieve the highest level in all aspects of university life. The college is established with the intention of imparting quality education. It provides students all facilities.

The college has a rich tradition and constantly fascinated a large proportion of talented students from the state sector. However, each applicant is considered in detail on their merits regardless of their social and educational background. The college seeks for students who have academic achievement and potential for intellectual commitment.

Fitzwilliam College equips students with a social community and stimulating academic into which students from a variety of background settle enthusiastically. All undergraduate students will be equipped with college accommodation for the entire three or four years of their course. Students may get accommodation on-site or in one of the nearby college-owned houses. The college offers students a wide range of facilities comprising café bar, dining hall, library, common room, art studio, computer rooms, dark room, laundry, squash courts and gym.

Fitzwilliam occupies a peaceful and large site within around ten minutes' cycle-ride of almost all departments and faculties. The college location offers convenient access and on-site parking for parents and visitors. Fitzwilliam has a beautiful garden along with a flourishing squirrel colony.

There are many Fitzwilliam students combine academic success with an extensive interest such as sport, theatre and music. The college has an auditorium with 250 seats, which provides a very good performing space in Cambridge. There is an extensive playing field situated nearby and Fitzwilliam has its own graceful and well equipped new boathouse on the river.

The college has a library, which is equipped with ample array of books, periodical, magazines and journals. Fitzwilliam also has IT Centre opened in early 2010. The library has four floors and its unique spiral tower. The building offers a broad computer facility along with wireless internet access. The library is situated at the centre of the college serving for twenty-four hours a day. The list of Directors of Studies is given below.

Directors of Studies:

  • Architecture: Mr. L Kyriacou
  • Archaeology & Anthropology: Dr J Robb
  • Asian & Middle Eastern Studies: Dr A Chau
  • Classics: Dr S S Owen
  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic: Dr P Russell
  • Computer Science: Dr P Lio
  • Economics: Dr E M S Newby
  • Engineering: Dr K W Platts
  • Education: Dr H Cremin
  • English: Dr N Bukhari
  • Chemical Engineering: Dr D M Scott
  • Geography: Dr B Vira
  • History of Art: Dr A Gannon
  • History: Dr R E Horrox
  • Land Economy: Ms M Young
  • Law: Mrs N M Padfield
  • Management Studies: Dr K W Platts
  • Mathematics: Dr R D Camina
  • Linguistics: Dr B Vaux
  • Music: Mr F Knights
  • Philosophy: Dr M D Potter
  • Modern & Medieval Languages: Dr D Keown
  • Natural Sciences: Dr G G Pooley (Physical), Dr D Coomes (Biological) Theology & Religious Studies: Dr S Gathercole
  • Politics, Psychology & Sociology: Dr P J Rentfrow
  • Veterinary Medicine: Dr A Tavernor (Clinical), Dr D R E Abayasekara (Pre-Clinical) Medicine: Dr K Saeb-Parsy (Clinical), Dr D R E Abayasekara (Pre-Clinical)

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